Google Plus Local OptimizationI recently read an article stating that Google Plus has overtaken Twitter for the second highest amount of active users online. As Google continues to push it’s way into the social landscape dominated by Facebook and Twitter, it’s more important now than ever to have your G+ Local profile optimized and ready to be seen! Check out the 3 simple optimization elements that all G+ Local pages should leverage.

1. Optimize Your “about” Tab in Your G+ Profile

The about section of your G+ profile should be optimized with relevant keywords and one or two outbound links to your website. Google+ allows you to use anchor text links from within the about section, so be sure to take advantage of that from a targeted traffic perspective. After logging in, click the edit profile button in the top right of the page to open up the ability to customize the content within each tab.

2. Verify Your Website From Within Your Google+ Profile

Google+ allows users the ability to “verify” their website from within their G+ dashboard. This is an important element to make sure you have optimized and connected correctly. Google provides 2 ways to verify your site. One option is to place a snippet of code in the <HEAD> section of your homepage. If you don’t have access to your homepage or feel uncomfortable by adjusting code on your site there’s an alternative. The other option is to connect the two sites by going through your Google Webmaster Tools account. If you choose this option you’ll receive a message in your GWT dashboard asking if you’d like to connect the two accounts. This is the easier of the two routes and the one I personally prefer for all my sites.

3. Drop In Your Social Media Sites and Other High Value Properties

At the very bottom of the about page you’ll find a section titled “links”. This element can also be updated and optimized to include all the social media platforms you have a presence on, along with any additional high value properties you manage. Dropping outbound links to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. can be a great way to cross pollinate your social profiles and allow people to interact with you on multiple channels.

These 3 simple Google+ Local optimization tips should be easy and quick to implement. They will provide your profile with an added touch that most users overlook while encouraging people to contact you on various social platforms and properties. As Google’s market share in the social media landscape continues to expand, so too should your G+ presence and prominence.

Matthew on Google+