standard seo conceptsSearch engine optimization has come a long way since the earlier days of the internet, and the truth is that the practice is still changing all the time.

However, core SEO best practices have remained relatively stable since the beginning, and are just as relevant today as they were 20 years ago.

There are a few SEO concepts in particular that should always be prioritized in any campaign, regardless of the latest algorithm updates.

1. Relevant and High-Quality Content

Since the inception of SEO, content has been the main platform through which companies find, connect, and engage with their audiences. The difference is that in the past, content was often used as a platform for keyword stuffing, whereas today that practice will earn you a black mark from Google.

Modern audiences expect higher-quality and more relevant content than ever before, because this type of content helps most consumers to make purchasing decisions. In order for Google to prioritize your site over another, therefore, it must be packed with engaging, informative, and authoritative content that users will want to read.

2. Site Structure and Visibility

The structure and design of your website is just as important if you want Google and other search engines to be able to index the content contained therein. Search engines use bots to crawl the web, assess the content on different sites, and index the content so it can be displayed on search engine result pages.

While the bots are more sophisticated these days, technical SEO is just as important as it ever was to ensure that your site is visible to search engines. A few of the technical and structural issues that are vital include:

  • Ensuring your site loads properly and quickly
  • Incorporating optimized titles and descriptions into your content
  • Using appropriate images, logos, and branding
  • Including sitelinks to be listed on a SERP
  • Having a logical site hierarchy

3. Inbound Links

Links have always been an integral part of SEO because they create the network that connects content from all around the world and from all corners of the internet. Just like the old keyword stuffing practice of yore, so too did some sneaky SEO companies in the past focus on stuffing sites with outbound links and cultivating as many inbound links as possible.

Today, however, reputable SEO experts know that the key to an authoritative site is backlinks from other authoritative sites, because there’s no better indication to Google that your site is both popular and trustworthy.

The world of search engine optimization is ever changing, but the central methods have remained in place since the creation of the practice. No matter what happens with the latest algorithm updates, and no matter what trendy SEO best practices pop up, no good SEO strategy is complete without a strong focus on these three elements, because content, visibility, and backlinks have always been, and always will be, integral to high rankings.

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