3 Ways Businesses Can Leverage Google+ Communities

Google+ launched Communities in December of 2012. It is similar to Facebook‘s Group function and allows you to interact with people who have similar interests. In layman’s terms it is a forum. Plain and simple. Here are 3 easy ways your business can use Communities to boost exposure.



1.Join several communities relevant to your target market This part is super easy. Google+ has a search button that allows you to discover communities that your company may want to be involved in. Think about what your target market might be interested and and search for those types of communities. Here you will be able to see what your target market is interested in.

2. Participate in different communities It is extremely important to be active in the communities you join. This really helps get your name out there. While in the communities you can should add member to your own circles. Those added will be alerted and will have the opportunity to add  you back plus check out your Google+ page. Make sure you don’t only post about your company, but also Plus 1, Comment & Share what other community members post. Listen to what they have to say and use that information to create new products or promotions.

3. Create your own community This is a great opportunity to have a platform for your target market. A place for your customers to go and post comment, questions and concerns. If you do create a communities for your company, make sure you have several moderators to watch the community. I forgot to mention the biggest part about Google+ Communities, it’s owned by Google! So think about Communities as a way to place your URLs linking back to your webpage and get ranked by Google. Pretty simple. Now give it a go. Search through the thousands of Communities that are already out there and get social! Let us know what your favorite community is. Anne Smith is the Social Media Marketing Manger for Lead To Conversion: A National SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing Agency with a focus on increasing online exposure and targeted traffic to client sites.

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About the Author:

Anne Smith is the Social Media Marketing Manager for Lead to Conversion. Her passion for social media has grown since she saw its potential over 5 years ago. She loves engaging over social channels and enjoys the ever-changing nature of social media. More than keeping up with best practice, she also enjoys pioneering new strategies.Her energy shines through to her clients and her work. She is constantly seeking new ways to enhance social media and stay ahead of the curve. Anne is proud to say that her efforts consistently lead to positive results and happy customers!More than being passionate about social, Anne is passionate about people and the city she lives in. She has been a member of the Social Media Advisory Committee for Positively Cleveland for the past 4 years, where she works with a team of people to promote the City of Cleveland via social media. It is important for Anne to give back to her community and has been a member of the Junior League of Cleveland where she spends time volunteering at different events.Anne is a family gal. She spends her free time biking and hiking with her husband and 2 children in the city of Cleveland and the Cuyahoga Valley National park.

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