how to do link building for seoA solid backlinking strategy is a vital component of an SEO strategy. Getting reputable sites with authority to link back to your website can boost your search engine rankings, while shady, spammy backlinking “black hat” practices will cause your website ranking to plummet. So how do you stay in Google’s good graces while still effectively promoting your content?

Building up a high number of quality backlinks takes time. Instead of focusing your efforts on simply increasing the number of links on other sites that lead back to your website, getting a few valuable links from reputable sites may be more effective.

Here are five safe and strategic backlinking practices to incorporate into your SEO plan.

#1: Providing Testimonials for Products or Services You Love

Are you using an awesome new software service or product? Share a positive testimonial on that company’s website, and you may be lucky to get a link back to your website. It’s really a win-win situation — the company gets a glowing customer review which they can share on their testimonials page, and you get a backlink from what is hopefully a high-authority website. Score!

#2: Building Authority through Sites Like HARO

In case you’re not familiar with HARO (Help a Reporter Out), it’s a website where journalists and writers can connect with subject matter experts and sources for articles they are working on. So how does this help you? By providing a few helpful pointers for a news article or blog, you’ll get a credible link back to your site.

You’ll also build up your credentials by appearing in someone else’s article or blog post as an expert. HARO is free; just sign up for an account to get started.

#3: Reclaiming Links through BuzzSumo or

Sometimes your company may be mentioned in an article without an accompanying link back to your website. You could perform a simple Google search for mentions of your business. But a more effective way to search for your company mentions is to sign up to BuzzSumo or The perk of signing up for an account is that you’ll be alerted whenever you’re mentioned online.

Once you’ve found a few websites where you’d like to reclaim a link, reach out by sending a friendly email kindly asking for a link back to your site.

#4: The Power of Creating Useful Infographics

Infographics are great because they present a lot of helpful or interesting information in an easy-to-read visual format. If you have the creative know-how to make your own infographic, think of a unique spin on an idea. There are also plenty of places where you can outsource the design portion for a reasonable price.

Once you’ve created your infographic, don’t forget to include a link back to your site and share it! You can submit your infographic to various infographic sharing sites such as

#5: Give Away Free Products or Services to Key Influencers

Giving something away for free may seem counter-intuitive, but if given to an influential blogger in your niche, you might just be handsomely rewarded with a shout-out and a link back to your website.

Follow these five tips to boost your website’s rankings the proper way — through quality backlinks from high-ranking sites.

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