creating successful email marketingEmail marketing is sometimes scoffed at as old-school in the current version of the online universe where apps like FrozenChat, Silence and WhatsApp are fast becoming the choice of Millennials for electronic communication, but not by marketing experts.


Experts know that email marketing can still provide a profitable return on investment.

So – here are 5 features of successful lead generation emails:


1. Successful Marketing Emails are Informative

A well-designed, informative newsletter can be used to inform your customers about your company, your products, and your brilliant special offers. When a customer has had a satisfying experience on your website, they are likely to sign up for an extension of that experience by providing you with their email address so that they can receive your newsletter.

And remember that people who receive email offers tend to spend more money than people who do not – 138% more.

2. Successful Marketing Emails Offer Incentives

Human beings are more likely to open an email that clearly offers them something that they want, like 10% of their next purchase of their Labradoodle’s favorite food, a discount on their next spa day or an invitation to an upcoming webinar. has reported that 64% of American Internet users have printed out a coupon that was emailed to them – this is a remarkable statistic that points to the potency of email marketing campaigns.

3. Successful Marketing Emails Combine Images with Text

You may be drawn to graphics in order to make your email template pop. You probably want to distinguish your emails from the other boring emails out there. A clean and appealing template design is important, but you want to make sure that you also have text in your email as well. 

Avoid sending emails that consist of one large image. This make take long to load and hurt your open rates and click rates. Emails that only consist of images can also have lower deliverability rates and may be flagged as spam.

4. Successful Marketing Emails Look Good on Mobile Devices

An email that is easy to view is a beautiful thing, which means it has should fit within a preview panel of desktop programs like Outlook and also fit nicely on a mobile screen. Just how large should your email be?

Experts advise that your email be no more than 600 pixels in width and three inches long, so that it reading it will be a pleasing, no-fuss experience. You can learn more about sizing your emails here.

5. Successful Marketing Emails Have Attention Grabbing Subject Lines

The subject line of your email is an important element as it is the one part of your email that you know your customer is going to read – the right subject line will result in your email being opened.

Remember to be concise; a subject line should be no longer than 40-50 characters, and that a subject line has one job – to tell the customer what to expect when they open the email.

One last tip: About 30% of subscribers change their email address every year, making lead generation via email a continual process that requires a steady investment of time and resources.

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