You may ask yourself  “Do I really need another social media platform for my business? Is Pinterest really worth my time?” Yes! Pinterest is an amazing social platform and you can benefit from having an account. Here are 5 must follow steps to making your business Pinterest account worth it.


1. It’s not just sell! Sell! Sell!

This is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when you start pinning.  Of course you want to post items you sell, (you can even add prices right in the description and it will put a price tag on the image) but you also want to have interesting boards people will want to follow.  Use your pinboards creatively. Think about whom your target market is and what other things they may like.

2. Website links?

Yes! There are three ways to get your Pins to link back to your website.  First, you can Add a Pin: using the URL of the image, you want to post directly from your website. If there is more than one image, you will be able to pick which one you want to pin. Once you upload the image, the URL is already linked on the photo. The second way is by Upload a Pin: by choosing a file to upload, then ‘edit”, the image and add your link to the image.  The third way is to add your link right into the comments section.

3. There are hashtags on Pinterest?

Of course. Hashtags are used to help refine your search. When using a hashtag make sure you are only tagging things that are important. You don’t want to overcrowd your description. I suggest no more than three hashtags per post.

4.  Why would anyone want to repin my pin?

It’s not just the image you pin but it’s the call to action you have in the image or description.  Tell people to click here directly on your image. Chances are they will. Make sure your image pops out so it doesn’t get lost in the search. A great size for an eye-catching image is typically 500 pixels wide by 800-1000 pixels long.

5.  How do I get people to pin my product?

This one is simple. On your website you can actually include a “Pin” button by the description of each product. This gives your customers the opportunity to pin your items to their board, which will be seen by all of their followers. Brilliant!

Now that I have given you these super easy steps to pinning, you can take a deep breath and pin away. Keep in mind not to pin one thing after another, but rather space them out so your followers don’t get annoyed.  Be creative and have fun.

And one more thing…the best times for pinning are Thursdays, Fridays and Sunday evenings. If there is a Pin you want to go viral, I suggest you plan accordingly. Happy Pinning!