Retired Women High FivesThe best senior living communities offer a place to call home to people in a transition phase of life. Whether potential residents are looking to downsize from a family home, need some extra care and assistance, or want to live close to others with similar life circumstances, senior living communities can help fill those needs. 

Here are five qualities that help make a senior living community successful.

Quality Employees

Each person moving to a senior living community will have different questions and needs. A potential resident’s interaction with staff should allow them to feel respected and listened to. Quality employees who show compassion and empathy from first contact to move-in to long-term care will reflect the culture of the community well.

Welcoming to Family

A facility where family members are welcome can help smooth the transition for seniors and their loved ones and make them feel at home in their new surroundings. Limited restrictions and staff attention to making family members feel a part of the community can enhance the seniors’ quality of life and make a facility more inviting.

Social Activities

Communities that provide a wide variety of activities for their residents are more likely to help seniors overcome loneliness and help them feel a part of a group. Different activities should try to meet the needs of all mobility levels, acknowledge visual and hearing challenges, and provide opportunities for friendly interaction with other residents. Though every resident might not be able to participate in every activity, they will be able to find some that work for their situation.

Quality Food

Provided meals should be nutritious and offer a variety that helps residents with dietary restrictions find something satisfying and delicious. Meals can be a vital part of seniors’ social interaction, so it’s important to create an inviting and hospitable room for meals.

Online Experience That Matches In-Person Experience

A senior community with an exceptional standard of living should ensure their digital presence is equally inviting and easy to find via organic Google searches.

Today’s seniors use the internet to seek out information, frequently using tablets and smartphones to search. Their children and caregivers may also research online, and digital marketing should prioritize keywords and questions that prospective residents and their families will search for. Designing your content to work well on any platform with a responsive website design helps limit frustration. It can leave visitors feeling positive and more likely to seek out a contact or a visit to your senior living community.

Location may be among the highest priorities for some families, so having your community appear prominently in local Google search results with assistance from Google My Business will help tremendously. Gathering positive Google reviews also offers a valuable perspective from the lived experience of community residents.  

Seniors often use Facebook to see photos of their grandchildren and stay connected to friends. Informative and interesting social media entries, frequent blog posts with senior-friendly topics, and easy-to-navigate websites with plenty of video content can help interested seniors find you in the sea of online information.

Take Your Senior Living Business to the Next Level

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