team designing a new websiteOne important goal of website redesign should be to optimize your website for visitor conversions that increase your leads and sales. Many people who consider going forward with a website design and then hire a designer are often disappointed to find out that all of their efforts have been wasted on a website that seems to be doing exactly the opposite.

When it comes to optimizing your website design, there are certain things that you should ask your website designer about beforehand so you can avoid them. These mistakes could actually undermine your business instead of improving it.

Choosing a Slow Loading Host or Slow Loading Design

Make sure that the design company you have chosen for your new website understands that although you want this website to be outfitted with the latest bells and whistles, that you also want it to work as swiftly as possible. This means avoiding such elements as outdated slow loading themes and large images that are not optimized for the web. This is because anything that slows your website down is going to encourage the customer to leave your pages and find the next website, selling the same thing that you do, that loads quickly. 

Ideally, a page should be load from the search engine in less than three seconds. People who land on a slow-loading website, often think that there is something wrong with the connection and they might even think that you are out of business. You’ll want to be sure that your site is hosted by a web hosting company that can meet the needs of your business and can scale as your business grows.

Although it is true that people are attracted to visually intriguing elements, it is best to say no to them if it is causing your content to load slowly. Sometimes a web designer will try to convince you that people will wait for what you have to offer if it is really worth it, but the flaw in that logic is that your potential customers do not have any idea about what you have to offer until they can see that first web page.

Note that when it comes to digital marketing, speed matters, not just impressive animations and visuals. 

Offer Your Customers Several Views of Your Product

Your customer’s ability to actually experience your product or service is only limited to how well they can see it on their computer, laptop, or similar. For this reason, it is important to have as many great, relevant photographs of what you are selling online as possible. Ideally, you should be able to offer your shoppers multiple views of items from different angles by including zooming, color previews, and other options. 

Offer A Seamless Check-Out and Payment Experience

One of the most significant fears that people have about using the Internet for shopping is that somehow they will precede to a checkout input their credit card number into a field and then has their money stolen. This is why it is important to have an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) checkout in place or else people might be hesitant to buy from you.

They also fear that they will pay for an item and then the transaction will disappear without confirmation. Giving customers a smooth transaction process and the ability to see a confirmation to know that what was ordered was accurate are design features that makes your customer feel secure during a transaction.

Remember that it is crucial to make this aspect of your site as fast and functional as possible because one failure in this process can discourage a potential customer from every visiting your website again.

Overloading Your Content With Too Much SEO

Too many awkwardly placed SEO keywords not only angers your website visitors, who find overly optimized writing to be boring, it also angers Google. If the Google algorithm responsible for matching customer searches to your content finds too many keywords that seem to be mimicking your competition’s content or if it seems that you are trying to manipulate search engine results then your search rankings may drop dangerously low or disappear entirely from Google search results. 

However, the redesign of your website truly is a good time to redo your content. You are also advised to be aware of the popular search terms that are identified with your business, but at the same time, it is highly recommended that you do not overuse them. The best type of content marketing to use is copy that uses only a couple of search term phrases or keywords and then goes on to accurately describe what you want in a clean, concise well-written way that conveys information, rather than sales talk. You also appear honest and reliable to potential customers who will appreciate the lack of twisted grammar and confusing messages caused by the awkward placement of keywords.

Choose A Website Design That Works Well On Mobile Devices

Nowadays it is absolutely crucial to have a design that is as equally responsive on mobile devices, as it is in your large desktop computer. That is because more people than ever are doing their shopping or information searches online from a mobile phone or tablet and you need functionality to support it.

It is well worth paying a little more for a thoughtful design that works well on all platforms because that decision that can help to increase your business for the long-term.

When it comes to website design in general, the medium really is the message, and the best website design designs will convey your professionalism and efficiency to your customer in all realms of online selling from front end to back end.

Lead to Conversion can help provide you with a website redesign that not only looks beautiful, but meets all the technical and performance requirements for a successful online presence.