Social SEO isn’t what you think it is.Social Media Platforms for Marketing

Social SEO isn’t about cramming keywords and phrases into your social media posts. It’s about driving traffic to your site and converting those visitors into customers.

It can also help improve your site’s SERP ranking.

Social SEO combines well-optimized content with effective social media strategies, working hand in hand to increase traffic to relevant pages or profiles for your business.

Social Signals and Reasons for Social Marketing

Social signals are social media features like:

  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Pins
  • Likes

There’s a correlation between high-ranking sites and strong social signals, but it’s not the signals themselves that help your ranking.

Social signals are a metric by which you evaluate the effectiveness of your post and better understand if your goals are being met.

There are three basic reasons that you’re posting.

  • To drive traffic
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To create backlinks

Driving traffic from social can be as simple as linking to your pages within Facebook or Twitter posts. Posts that get shared, liked or commented on are going to be seen by more people, which means your link is presented to more potential visitors.

Brand awareness works much the same way. The more people who engage with your post, the more users on social who may see the post in their feed, which leads to wider exposure and stronger recognition for your brand.

A backlink is a link on another site that leads to your page. They have a big impact on SERP rankings, and the more credible the originating site, the more valuable the backlink.

You want lots of backlinks. So, how do you get them with a Facebook post? By creating valuable content that builds a following. A larger following means more shares, which leads to increased exposure and a greater likelihood that someone will pick up your link and use it in content within their own blogs, web copy or articles.

5 Social SEO Best Practices

Now that you know how important social signals are, it’s time to learn how to boost yours. Here are five tips for increasing engagement on your social channels to drive backlinks, click-throughs, and conversions.

  1. Create Quality Content

If you’re working with lousy content, you won’t see the shares and engagement necessary to drive conversions and revenue.

Your content speaks for your business. Is it convincing and trustworthy? Is it riddled with mistakes? If your content is error-laden, consumers may wonder if your service is too.

If you’re struggling to create quality content for your social pages, we can help.

  1. Optimize Your Profiles

Include a clear description of your service and a link to your page, and treat your profile as you would your site’s homepage. Leads will often see it before going to your site.

  1. Interact

Reply to comments often. Lively comment sections are social SEO gold.

Respond to feedback, positive or not. Especially when not.

Remember, when commenting, you’re responding as your business, not as you. Decide what that voice sounds like. For most, a friendly, conversational and knowledgeable voice works well.

  1. Know Your Audience

Don’t post new content in the same manner to different platforms. What works with Facebook may not with Instagram. Create different posts for each platform.

  1. Create Value

This may be hard to believe, but nobody wants to read blogs about plumbing. Except for maybe plumbers. So, why are there plumbing blogs?

Because we’ve all got sinks, drains and toilets. Things break. When they do, most try to fix them before calling a professional. Smart plumbers create time and money-saving posts.

Plumbers don’t make their big paydays fixing leaky faucets or basic clogged toilets. They show customers how to fix simple problems themselves, hoping those same people remember them when the pipes burst. They also want you to share their information with someone that needs it.

Coupons and contests are another great way to get shares.

Wash, Rinse and Repeat

With this information, you can be well on your way to growing traffic and converting visitors. Once you’ve figured out what works, do it again. Don’t stop.

It takes time, talent and dedication to keep up. We know you have a business to run, so sometimes it’s better to leave social SEO to the experts.

Lead to Conversion offers effective and affordable search and social media marketing strategies. If you’d like to discuss your options or have questions about social SEO, give us a call.