Whether companies are using email marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, organic search, social media, or any combination thereof; their main goal is tangible results.  In one case study, Lead to Conversion was able to offer one of the most palpable rewards a company can ask for: Money.

In an email campaign for a luxury resort in Kauai, HI; 11,226, emails were sent out on behalf of the client.  A total of 2,808 recipients opened the message, for an open rate of 26.6%. From there, 566 of those recipients clicked from the email to the client’s site, for an overall click through rate (CTR) of 5.5%.


Taking these metrics further, the campaign was found to have directly contributed to 29 bookings, for a total of 248 nights at the property. This generated revenue of over $100,000, which equates to a 1,000% ROI all from just one email. This data is a testament to the fact that email marketing, when done effectively and strategically, is still the most cost-efficient method of generating sales from both new and repeat customers.

Incorporating email marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, organic search, and social media for substantial results is something that Lead to Conversion specializes in — helping businesses of all kinds achieve their goals, grow their online presence, and ultimately, improve their performance and, in this case, bottom line.

How were these results achieved? Here are a few tips:

  • Capitalize on timely opportunities: companies who don’t jump on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze are missing out. This time of the year may only come around once, but should exemplify the importance of capitalizing on the moment.
  • Being clear and concise is essential for improving conversion rates and campaign results. Targeted customers and prospects need to know what the message they’re receiving is about. They also need to follow a direct call to action.
  • An effective email can immediately capture attention, draw people in, give individuals what they want, and make action effortless. In this case, from the subject line, to the graphics, and the actual text of the message; everything pointed the recipient in a clear direction: huge savings for a dream vacation if you act now!
  • Having too much information in one email or using a format which is overloaded with images can be distracting. Also remember that it’s crucial to design emails which will display properly across all platforms and devices.

Whether your goal is increasing traffic and search engine positioning, growing a social networking presence, or in this case, generating $100k in revenue over a weekend, Lead to Conversion gets the job done. Call Lead to Conversion at 855.473.6582 and learn more about how to begin seeing tangible results too.