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This week I will be doing a feature on the great city of Cleveland, Ohio.

As a born and raised Clevelander, I will always take pride in the place I call home. Regardless of the many haters, Cleveland has a great deal of opportunity to offer a person. Summers on Lake Erie, tailgating amongst true fans and of course Saturday mornings spent hustling for veggies at the West Side Market.

Cleveland is a place where one person can make a difference. Yes, there once was a time when the name Cleveland, Ohio immediately provoked the thought of a burning river or “Mistake on the Lake,” however recent progression and radical changes have since secured the burning river to a corner of Ohio City where locals can be found sipping the tasty pale ale at Great Lakes Brewery.

The fire that fueled this city in the early part of the 20th century created a spark of collaboration between locals transforming Cleveland and it’s economy. We now represent a more suitable title of “Green City, Blue Lake,” where leaders are wasting no time building a future and reclaiming what it means to live in a Rustbelt city.

Sustainable CLE 2019 

In order to fully redeem ourselves from the whole river catching on fire incident, Cleveland has started a community driven initiative called Sustainable Cleveland 2019 where thousand’s of residents join together in effort to shape a more sustainable future.

The vision is to become a leader in the emerging green economy over the next 10 years focusing on various elements of sustainability each year. For instance the focus in 2012 was local foods, concentrating on food production and distribution within a specific region (usually 100 miles). In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently granted Cleveland $730,000 to support urban food production such as small city gardens. I used to volunteer every Thursday at Cleveland State/North Union Farmers Market providing Ohio-grown produce and lunch for those working Downtown! Check it out and buy localClevelandLocal

This year you can find Clevelanders focused on renewable energy as green ingenuity creates 40 percent more jobs per dollar invested than coal fired-plant. Moreover, June 2008 marked the beginning of a citywide Advanced Energy Portfolio Standard ensuring that 15% of Cleveland Public Power’s energy comes from advanced or renewable sources by 2015, 20% by 2020 and 25% by 2025.

The 5th Annual Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit is scheduled to be October 3-4 at the Cleveland Public Auditorium. Get involved to be part of a greener community. You can find more information here: Sustainable Cleveland 2019.

Innovation in Medical Imaging

I had the fortunate venture of attending TEDxCLE this past March where I listened in as regional professionals shared the latest innovations, development and ideas worth spreading.

Left: Dr. Pablo Raos, The Theodore J. Castele University Professor and Chairman, Department of Radiology of University Hospitals Case Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University and Radiologist-in-Chief of University Hospitals Health System. Right: Dominic Smith, Vice President and General Manager, Computed Tomography at Philips Healthcare.

I was particularly keen of a talk done by Dominic Smith and Dr. Pablo Raos. Furthering establishing Cleveland as an international hub for imaging technology, the pair showcased the collaboration between Philips Healthcare and University Hospitals (UH), along with Case Western Reserve University. Philips Healthcare provides imaging equipment to UH Case Medical Center for development, validation of clinical efficacy and product release. Bringing together scientists and physicians to test and evaluate new technology.

The new imaging technology creates internal images of the human body for medical diagnosis. Computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET) and ultrasound technologies have been tested and used in over 1,000 different cases assisting doctors in the discovery of 11 different cancers, curing all patients. This sophisticated equipment is expected to grow $37 billion worldwide or 9.8% a year between 2005 and 2015.

Check out the talk here: Innovation in Medical Imaging

Hipster’s DO Exist in the CLE

Cleveland is full of secret hotspots, great food and artsy culture as younger generations continue to invade places like Ohio City, Coventry and Tremont. These are the very spots you can find the overly caffeinated, cigarette smoking, yet surprisingly trendy hipsters.

No, you don’t need to ride a bike to feel welcome, although, anyone on a cruiser better have a rolled up pant leg. Grease stains are a dead giveaway to an unhip phony. Take the shoreway, grab a bus, whatever you decide just be sure to check out a few of my favorite places…

Lave Lounge – Tremont

LavaThis is one of my go-to’s for girlfriend happy hour. The vibe inside leaves you with a cool, eclectic feeling. Lavender martinis, craft brews and excellent food that will keep you coming back for more (try the hummus/jam plate). Lava is a neighborhood favorite so be sure to pencil in a happy hour. Starting at 4pm this hipster hole in the wall can get a bit crowded, which leaves you with the perfect excuse to start drinking early.

The West Side Market – Ohio City

WestSideOne of Cleveland’s most popular destinations is the West Side Market. Dating back to the 1840’s, our oldest and most trusted food market is so very beloved that you may even run into your Eastside friends. Located on the corner of West 25th, join the buzz and grab some fresh vegetables, although I must warn you they are not local, just cheap. Saturday’s provide for great people watching and the opportunity to indulge on a gyro or brat from Frank’s. Weather permitting, you can find live music and local venders selling things like jewelry and soap across the street. It is definitely a happening place in Cleveland, so join the conversation and go get yourself some Ohio City Pasta.

Presti’s in Little Italy 

Opened in 1903, Presti’s Bakery, found in the heart of Cleveland’s Little Italy has some of the best pastry’s in the town. I highly suggest you go to Little Italy for an ethnic atmosphere and superb dining, just be sure to skip dessert and head to Presti’s. I always end up leaving with a box of goodies. My words cannot even begin to describe the taste of heaven you’ll endure so you just need to go. Little Italy is a great piece of Cleveland’s history too. Interestingly enough, it is all that remains of what used to be “Big Italy” which historically resided in downtown Cleveland during the mid-19th century. Little is known about Big Italy, but the roots and spirit of first generation Americans are surely planted in Presti’s Bakery.

Cleveland is the Land

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