Traffic Conversion - Inscription on Red Road Sign on Sky Background.Many businesses are focused on increasing the traffic to their website as the primary objective of their online strategy.

To be sure, this must be part of the overall goal. In much the same way as a store located in a high-traffic area where no one ever enters will not be successful; massive online traffic with no conversions won’t help you.

In order to make your website traffic profitable for your business, you need to understand how to convert the visitors of your website into future customers and loyal fans of your brand.

Generate Leads By Attracting the Right Visitors to your Website

Clearly, traffic isn’t everything. Just because people are visiting your website does not mean they will ever take action and buy from you.

The difference between traffic and leads is that leads are the visitors that have the potential of becoming a customer. In that regard, it’s important to understand what kind of traffic you are getting.

When analyzing your website’s statistics, you first must remove visits from robots so that you can isolate traffic from actual human beings. Then, you can filter out visitors that would clearly be irrelevant to you. If you only do business in a specific geographical area, any visits that originate far outside that area are not likely to ever become a customer. You can also filter out traffic that is not likely to be of great quality based on language.

What remains, after you have removed traffic that is clearly not relevant, is the group of visitors who had the potential of being converted. These can be considered your leads.

But in order to to convert these leads into sales you need to make sure that your website clearly and easily provides ways for visitors to take the specific action you want them to take.

What Is A Website Conversion?

Often, people think of a conversion only as a visit that ends in a sale. In fact, the conversion can be defined in any number of ways to suit your company’s goals and objectives.

Website conversions can include a visit that results in a phone call or email sent to you, one that leads to a proposal being issued or virtually any other desired action taken by the visitor.

Your conversion rate, then, is the total number of purchases, phone calls and emails or proposals divided by the total number of leads (real website visits by potential customers).

For example, if you have a page on your website where you want visitors to request an online brochure you can track the number of visitors and the number of downloads to your brochure and find out the conversion rate.

If the conversion rate is low, you may need to change your headlines, button styles or other factors that may be prohibiting visitors from taking your desired action.

Getting More Traffic To Your Website

In order to be successful, your online strategy must focus not only on increasing your overall traffic to the website, but increasing the right kind of traffic; that being the number of visits from real people who appear to have the potential of becoming a customer for your business.

This can be achieved through search engine optimization strategies and online marketing campaigns like pay-per-click advertising. These tactics help to increase your visibility for people who are searching for, or are interested in your products and services.

Convert Your Website Traffic Into More Leads and Sales

Getting more leads is still only half the battle. If they’re getting to your website and consistently not converting, then the effort and expense that has gone into increasing your good quality traffic are all for naught.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to begin the process by having a comprehensive audit and evaluation of your current website done by an expert digital marketing firm.

They will be able to make suggestions and recommendations on improving your website ability to convert visitors.

At the end of the day, your best chance for improving the overall performance of your website is to adopt an online strategy that is not solely focused on increasing the sheer number of visits.

Instead, aim to increase the number of right visitors for your business as well as implement practices that will increase the likelihood of them converting from prospect to customer.

Contact Lead to Conversion™ and let’s discuss how we can convert your website traffic into more leads and more sales.