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Hospitality Marketing strategies that will thrill your guests.Hospitality is a fierce industry, and hotels are no exception. New brands emerge every year to fight for customers’ business and loyalty. In order to stay competitive in a continually growing field, hotels are constantly looking for new ways to find and retain customers through hospitality marketing strategies, and luckily there are digital marketing experts here to help.

Social Media Marketing has become a staple of many hotels’ hospitality marketing plans. It’s a cheaper form of lead generation and customer acquisition than traditional marketing with the added benefit of appealing to a more tech-savvy crowd. Staying relevant is an entirely new challenge for most though. Added competition has forced even larger brands to re-evaluate their marketing strategies.

Getting creative with social media marketing is more important than ever in today’s interconnected world and can make the difference between staying relevant and going out of business. If you’re stuck in a rut on what to do next, try a few of these to get the ideas rolling:

Get Humorous

Regardless of why a customer is booking a hotel, everybody likes to have fun. Post a funny photo or video that shows how much fun guests are having at your hotel. As an added bonus, show something that highlights your staff involved with the customers. The building itself can create a great environment, but only the staff can create a great experience.

Include FAQs

Frequently asked questions are one thing many hotel marketing companies overlook in social media marketing. If you find your staff is constantly asked the same questions, take advantage of the reach of social media and post the FAQs for all to see. Whether it answers pre-existing questions or leads to more follow-up questions, it’s an easy way to raise the awareness and interest around your hotel.

Highlight Your Neighborhood

Is a new restaurant opening up down the street? Popular musician performing at the venue around the block? Most consumers won’t stay in their hotel room the duration of their stay and want to know what else there is to do in the area. Posting about the area’s activities can be enough to convince them to learn more about you. When was the last time you went to a concert out of town and didn’t check out the closest hotels to the venue first?

Brag About Yourself

Were you featured in a recent publication? Was your hotel featured on a popular show? These act as social proof for consumers looking for a hotel. If they see that you were awarded or featured, that’s a free recommendation from that show or publication for your hotel. Don’t be afraid to brag about where you’ve been featured. Your guests will appreciate it.

Ready To Get Started?

As the industry continues to get more competitive, getting creative with your hospitality marketing strategies on social media is a surefire way to make sure you stay relevant to potential customers. Lead to Conversion™ is a proven hospitality marketing company that can help create and maintain that creative edge that will put you on top. Whether you’re an established brand or opening your first hotel, we can help. Call us at 855-473-6582 today and request your free quote. We look forward to working with you.