Improving Your Email Marketing Opt-In Rates

Email Marketing best practices

With the number of emails flooding everyone’s inbox these days, it can be tricky to get people to subscribe to your mailing list. You don’t want to come across as being too pushy, but at the same time, you need subscribers. Obtaining new subscribers is one of the biggest challenges that email marketers face, so how can you entice people to sign up to your email marketing list? Here are six tips to help you enhance your email marketing strategy:



1. Include a Sign-Up Form On Your Website

Make sure you have a sign-up form on your website: One of the easiest ways to do this is to have a pop-up form. This method has a big impact, and it’s a great way to increase your email marketing lists. Make the sign-in form as easy as possible for visitors to fill out.

2. Offer Something of Value

Offer a special incentive: Offering irresistible incentives will help your list to grow quickly. The incentive must be something of real value; after all, they are giving you their email address in exchange. For example, you could offer a podcast, tutorial video, eBook, or email course. Choose a topic that’s relevant to the products or services you provide, and possibly something you have discussed in a recent blog post. Test what is working and what you need to change by offering surveys.

3. Make It Easily Shareable

Make your email shareable: Don’t forget to include a ‘forward to a friend’ link in your opt-in email marketing campaigns. This way your subscribers will do some of the work for you. You can even add links which enable subscribers to share your emails via social media.

4. Present the Benefits

Demonstrate your value: Don’t be boring on your sign-up form. Explain to your subscribers how they will benefit from signing up for your email campaign. For example, let them know they will regularly receive interesting content, super deals, free offers, and great savings. Think about what your visitors and potential customers really want from your website and work consistently to improve customer satisfaction.

5. Get Social

Add sign-up options to your social media platforms: Don’t restrict yourself to your website and email newsletter for sign-ups. Make use of social media. Ask your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to subscribe. You can also take advantage of LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. To make the most out of social media, you must engage fully which means posting regularly answering questions posed by your followers and responding to comments.

6. Enhance Your Email Signature

Take advantage of your email signature: By placing a hyperlinked call to action in your email signature, you are offering a simple sign-up option, without putting any pressure on the reader. And the best thing is, it will be included in all your emails.

Some of these things you may know how to do yourself, others you may not. Or, perhaps you don’t have the time.

Get in touch with us today and let us give you more information about how we can help you make the most of your email marketing campaigns, so you can keep your focus on growing your business.