Improve you Google My Business local SEO with the help of the search engine optimization experts at Lead to Conversion™.If you’re looking to improve local SEO for your business, then you understand the importance of frequently updating and maintaining your Google My Business listing. Even after keeping your NAP information consistent across all platforms, updating your business hours, adding new photos, and responding to reviews can only improve local search rankings to a point. You may be asking yourself, what advanced local SEO tactics can I implement next? The answer may lie in Google My Business Posts.

Google Posts officially rolled out to all businesses and can be created and managed through the Google My Business dashboard. This new feature allows businesses to publish posts about a variety of topics such as product or service announcements, events, special offers, and other newsworthy information about your business.

While Google Posts are a great way for businesses to spread awareness and share information directly with their audience, there are pros and cons as well. In this post, we uncover the good and bad that Google My Business Posts have to offer.

Google My Business Posts: Good Strategies

If you want to make the most of your Google My Business posts consider these tips:

Promote Events

Special events are some of the best topics to post about on your GMB listing. The most effective posts are those that are relevant or meaningful to your audiences, such as a new store opening, meetings, customer appreciation days, and other events. Remember not to stuff your post with keywords; not only does this have no effect on your ranking, but it’s also likely to annoy your prospective customers.

Announce Product Updates

If you’re introducing a new product or service, don’t hesitate to create a post about it for your Google My Business listing. This is a great way to showcase new items and let your loyal customers be first in line. For best results, highlight your items with high-resolution, professional-quality images to draw your customers in. To avoid cropping issues, opt for square images with one focal point.

Special Offers and Sales

Another great topic for Google My Business posts includes making announcements about any sales or promotions you are running. This information is a great way to draw attention and drive website visitors to your site to learn more. Whether you are offering a special discount for a product, or a seasonal special on a service you provide, you can create an eye-catching post to help drive more traffic to your most important pages.

Google My Business Posts: Bad Strategies

Avoid these issues when making posts:

Spelling and Grammar Errors

It may sound simple, but it frequently happens all the time. Creating Google posts that have spelling or grammar errors could inhibit your efforts. Not only will Google notice it, but more importantly your customers. Make sure to use a tool or have a friend read through your post and ensure everything is correct, otherwise it could reflect in a negative impression of your brand.

Getting Complicated

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make with their Google My Business posts is trying to cram too much information into a single message. Remember that web users are actively searching, which means it’s important to provide just enough information to entice them to click to learn more. While Google allows up to 15,000 characters in a post, it doesn’t mean you have to use it all. We recommend limiting messages to 150 to 300 characters.

Trust Lead to Conversion™ with Your Local SEO

Contact our team of local optimization experts and improve your Google My Business posts today! GMB posts enable businesses to provide customers with timely, relevant information, thereby increasing the possibility for conversions and in-person purchases. As an added bonus, companies can view information about users who click on their posts in Google Analytics, allowing for improved targeting moving forward. To learn more about how Lead to Conversion™ can improve your local SEO, call today or schedule your free digital marketing consultation online. We look forward to helping your business grow online.