While the addition of a puppy to your family can be wonderful, it’s good to remember you’re also signing up for a lifetime commitment to its health, safety, and loving care. 

The best way for dogs to have happy co-existence with people is by careful and thoughtful training. Pet owners can take this task on themselves, but sometimes the level of commitment and consistency required can be overwhelming. Here is some helpful advice about buying a trained furry friend

Buying a Trained Dog

Children can learn valuable lessons about caring for animals, and adults can enjoy the unconditional love and companionship dog ownership offers. But just like a new baby, puppies need constant attention to ensure good habits. You may discover that you don’t quite have the time or energy to take care of your family’s needs and focus adequate attention on the puppy

Choosing a fully-trained puppy can be an investment worth making. Though the upfront cost of training is more expensive than simple adoption, the advantages can offer tremendous peace of mind to this dramatic lifestyle change.

Advantages of Dog Training

Dog training covers a variety of behaviors. It starts with helping them learn to pee and poop outside, and to signal to their human owners when the need arises. Training helps your family set boundaries, like discouraging the dog on the furniture or to keep out of certain rooms. 

Puppies and young dogs need mental stimulation and positive behavior reinforcement to learn the appropriate behaviors for your home. Consistent training helps your dog avoid future aggression, excessive barking, and difficulty socializing with other animals.

Benefits of Early Intervention

Puppy training sets you and your dog up for a happy life together. Early intervention can include dedicated attention to behaviors like socialization with other dogs and people of all ages, crate-training for night, ability to wait to be let out for a set number of hours during the day, prevention of destructive chewing, obedience to basic commands like “sit” and “stay”, and leash-training without pulling or running away.

Many people have enthusiasm and patience to train for at least some of those behaviors. Professional trainers know how to teach your puppy how to behave in all situations from a very early age. Buying a trained dog lets you look forward to years of stability and loving companionship!


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