On January 22, 2020, Google announced that featured snippets will no longer appear twice on page one of search results. 

For those who may not know what a featured snippet looks like in search results, here’s an example we’ll use for the search query “white label SEO for agencies” which features SEOReseller.com:

White Label SEO for Agencies Search Query

As you can see from above, featured snippets typically appear below Google Ads and are prominently placed at the top of organic search results.

Historically, a featured snippet held two pieces of real estate on page one of Google:

  • The featured snippet at the top of organic search results
  • A second placement somewhere below the featured snippet in the top 10 organic listings

Google’s new stance is pretty straight forward. Gone are the days of a featured snippet page capitalizing two spots in the top ten of their search results. Instead, they’re now giving users one extra website option (vs. two from the same domain/page) in the top ten organic listings for them to consider clicking on during their search journey.

Truth be told, search snippets can have an EXPLOSIVE impact on a site’s impressions and often precipitates a growth in click-throughs to a page that gets the beloved snippet placement.

Here’s an example of one of Lead to Conversion™’s clients that was placed as a featured snippet for their Chicago-based Hospice and Palliative Care services:

Total Clicks and Impressions

As you can see from the above graph taken directly from their Google Search Console, their site saw a massive increase in impressions and a slight bump in organic traffic toward the end of its hospice article being placed as a featured snippet.

Going from averaging between 500-900 impressions per day on average to 2,300-3,000 impressions per day is a massive spike in impressions.

Although the client didn’t see a commensurate spike in terms of click-throughs, what they did see are other KPI’s increase including branded searches and increased inbound phone calls from both the snippet placement and from Google My Business.

Our Full-Service Marketing Agency Will Help You Get Content in the Google SERPs

Featured snippets are every webmaster’s dream, especially getting placement for competitive terms that are conversion-focused in terms of search intent. Although it’s not an exact science, it’s not uncommon for long-form content or authoritative content in general to reach this pinnacle in organic placement.

So far, our full-service marketing agency has had quite a few clients get featured snippet placement and we’re always more than willing to let them know about it too (once we’ve collected all of the juicy data to share, of course.) The key is to focus your content on user intent and make it 100% unique. It’s also helpful to “answer questions” often searched for by users. ;)