Marketing to Seniors and Baby BoomersBaby boomers are one of the fastest growing demographics among social media users. Combined with the fact that most of their grown children are also on social media, these platforms contain a huge marketplace for your assisted living community. Without a social media marketing strategy, you could be missing out on potential leads. 

An active social media presence will help improve your retirement facility’s chances of success. Not only can this help you to reach your target market, but it can also establish your business as an active part of the online retirement home community.

In this article, we’ll explore how social media plays a major role in marketing an assisted living community, and walk you through how to pick the right platforms. Then we’ll explain how to start putting together a social media strategy to boost your online presence. Let’s get started!

The Importance of Internet Platforms for Retirement Marketing Campaigns

Ignoring social media as a marketing opportunity means missing out on a huge pool of potential leads. Many seniors and their caretakers are active on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, social media marketing can help you connect with your audience using targeted content.

You can also use social media to keep your residents up to date on what’s going on in their community. In addition, by building up a robust online presence, you can show potential residents the opportunities your facility provides for active and independent living.

Plus, your competitors probably use social media in their marketing strategies. This gives them a huge advantage if you don’t do the same. Posting across several networks can help give your facility an edge.

4 Tips for Achieving Measurable Success Through Social Networks

The assisted living marketplace is a competitive space. Using social media effectively as a part of your marketing strategy will help your business stand out. Here are some important things to consider along the way.

1. Determine the Best Advertising Platforms for Reaching Your Target Audience

There are a lot of social media platforms out there. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are only a few of the possibilities. However, by looking at which audiences prefer certain platforms, you can narrow down the ones that are best for you. 

Facebook is a good place to start. It is often considered the ‘home base’ for many business’ social media efforts:

Facebook for Assisted Living

This platform is a popular place for friends and family to congregate and share posts and ideas. In other words, Facebook is the ultimate ‘word of mouth platform’.

Another popular social site is Twitter. It limits tweets to 140 characters, so everything you post needs to be short and sweet:

Independent Living Social Media Advertising

Twitter lends itself to witty comments and shoutouts. You can also use it to point followers towards other resources, such as blog posts. 

Alternatively, Instagram is a photo-based mobile platform. You can use it to post lots of interesting and engaging pictures:

Engaging Instagram Photo of Senior Citizen

It’s a great place to show residents actively using your amenities. You can also highlight profiles of residents, their interests, and what they like most about your community.

Pinterest is another platform you might consider, mostly because it’s primary demographic is adult daughters of aging Americans: 

Pinterest Demographics

This audience often plays a role in choosing assisted living for their parents. Pinterest is also image-heavy, and a great place to generate ideas for your senior living business.

2. Do Research to Find the Best Times to Post

Once you’ve set up your social media accounts, it’s time to fill them with content. The most successful social media campaigns are the ones that post often and consistently. Doing this helps to keep users engaged. Plus, each post is another opportunity to reach your target audience.

It is also important to post at peak traffic times, when your audience is most likely to be logged in and browsing. Several tools are available to help you analyze how well your content is doing and when it’s the best time for your business to post, such as Facebook Insights and Instagram Insights

Best Time to Post Social Media Updates

Your results will vary based on your followers, their locations, and other information specific to them. However, generally speaking, the most effective times to post are weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

3. Create Posts to Highlight Your Facility’s Strengths

Authenticity and honesty resonate with social media users. Your profiles will probably have more success if you focus on sharing your amenities and community, rather than trying too hard to sell your facility:

Create Facebook Posts on Assisted Living

As a part of your social media efforts, you can interact with followers by posting comments and responding to their questions. You can showcase residents’ interests and hobbies, and post photos of them having fun and using your amenities.

4. Consider Using a Social Media Campaign Service

Managing multiple social media accounts can put a drain on your time. It’s not easy to optimize every post, either. To help solve these issues, you may want to consider hiring outside experts.

At Lead to Conversion, we offer comprehensive social media marketing services:

Social Media Agency Services

By handing over your key social media tasks to us, you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Take a moment to check out our social media management services and request a free quote today!

Why This Matters for Baby Boomers

Without a solid social media strategy, your senior housing community could be missing out on huge marketing opportunities. Baby boomers are the fastest growing population of social media users, making this a crucial aspect of your online presence. 

In this post, we shared four key tips for using social media to attract attention to your senior housing business:

  1. Determine the best platforms for reaching your target audience.
  2. Do research to find out when to post on your social media platforms.
  3. Create posts to engage leads and highlight your facility’s strengths.
  4. Consider using working with a full-service online marketing agency that specializes in social media marketing services.

Do you have any questions about how to use social media to market your senior living business? Feel free to ask away in the comments section below!