should you hire a company to update your websiteThe Benefits of Having a Professional Website Enhancement Team at Your Disposal

A would-be customer leaves a public comment on your Facebook page, lamenting that a link on your official webpage that is meant to lead users to a time-stamped digital coupon is actually a portal to a blank page featuring an error message. Ouch.

You understand that your company website is a prominent reflection of your brand, of who you are and what you do, and you vow never to allow sloppy errors to occur there again. But you are focused on expansion and product development and, well, you need some help.

A website development team might be the solution to your problem. Let’s look at some of the benefits of having a dedicated professional team at your disposal.

You Save Time

Did you know that 56% of small business owners surveyed by HubShout identified website development as one of the top three services they require? And website development does not stop when the site is launched: plug-ins, themes, and forms require updating, browser compliance must be monitored and more.  

Let’s get specific: This checklist lays out the basic work that a small business owner must do to ensure that their website is running smoothly. A dedicated website support team can take on this list and save you time – regularly.

Your Website Works on Mobile Devices

The Pew Research Center tells us that 77% of Americans own smartphones, and Key Note reports that 46% of these smartphone users have difficulty interacting with websites on these devices.

A website enhancement team will also regularly test how your website performs on different screens, and is plugged into technology changes that improve interactivity with websites on mobile devices.

Technology Moves With Lightning Speed

What changes in technology are striding toward us in 2017? According to Forbes Magazine, virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet-of-Things (IoT), and more interaction between our physical and virtual realities.

Yes, the scope of technology is overwhelming, but know that a website enhancement team can work with you to manage your virtual real estate as changes come.

Customer Experience (CX)

Chat Bots are gaining popularity as a useful way to solve customer’s problems while they are visiting your website, and a web development team that knows you and what you do can be a useful partner in setting up the software that will keep your customers happy.

One More Thing

Your website will increasingly become a hub for your customers as more of us expect fast, helpful customer service in all of our interactions with brands. Invest in its future by giving us a call to go over the possibilities.

Contact Lead to Conversion and let’s discuss how we can ensure that your website is modern, safe and secure.