Lead to Conversion LogoAs an introduction to our new blog, Lead to Conversion thought it would be helpful to educate new visitors on what our marketing services can do to help their online businesses. The info-graphic below depicts a case study that was generated from one of our longest and most successful clients. As internet marketing continues to evolve, we must constantly find new and effective ways to integrate and promote online businesses. One powerful way is to use an info-graphic that takes an interesting, humorous, or educational topic and illustrates it’s key takeaways visually.

Lead to Conversion was able to create this significant ROI from the integration of SEO, quality content and the promotion of that content, via multiple social media channels. When you align this type of potent marketing mix you have the best opportunity  to not only target your market, but also promote your brand in a value driven way.

Internet Marketing in 2012 and beyond is now more than ever going to be heavily focused on developing value driven relationships with other like-minded people. Genuine interaction with your target market will foster an environment that your customers and clients will want to visit again and again. This type of “natural” promotion will stand the test of time and any “zoo animal algo update” Google can come up with.

This is a core value of Lead to Conversion and one of many differentiating qualities that set us apart. We plan to use this blog as a means to promote thought leadership, provide industry updates and  helpful tips for an ever-changing internet marketing environment. Make sure to stop by often to stay on the cutting edge of everything online marketing, and join the conversation!