These days, marketing your brand on social media is a must. With so many platforms available, however, it can be difficult to choose which social networks to focus on. The last thing you want is to waste time on ineffective campaigns.

Fortunately, by applying a few simple guidelines, you can determine which social media platforms will give you the most bang for your buck. To get on the right track, all you need to do is consider your target audience, your products or services, and your campaign’s goals.

In this article, we’ll discuss why social media is a vital part of any marketing strategy. Then we’ll share three key tips for choosing which platforms for your business to focus on, and offer some guidance on managing multiple social media networks effectively. Let’s jump right in!

Social Media Platforms Are A Marketing Tool

According to a recent social media survey, as much as 42% of the world’s population – 3.2 billion people – use social media. That’s a huge pool of potential customers and clients for you to tap into via social media network marketing.

What’s more, almost three-quarters of the brands already using social media marketing campaigns feel that it’s an effective strategy. Even better, if you provide customer service through your social profiles, about 71% of customers will be more likely to recommend your business to their social networks.

As you can see, if you choose not to market your brand on social media, you could be missing out on a lot of huge opportunities. Plus, you’ll have a harder time competing with other brands that do use social media effectively.

While it may be time-consuming to juggle multiple accounts and create unique content for each platform, the potential payoff is definitely worthwhile. You’ll just need to figure out how to use the right social media platforms efficiently, for maximum impact with minimal effort.

How to Choose the Right Social Networks for Your Marketing Campaign (3 Key Tips)

When it comes to social media marketing, narrowing in on the most effective platforms for your business is the key to staying sane. Instead of trying to have a presence on every social network, check out the tips below to help choose the ones that will leverage your network.

1. Look at Your Target Audience’s Demographics

To figure out which social media platforms are worth your time, one of the most important things you can do is look at your target audience’s demographics. Every social network caters to certain types of people, so you need to identify which ones your customers already use the most.

For example, 2018 social media statistics show that Instagram and Snapchat are particularly popular among young adults. If your products or services are more geared towards older generations, you’ll probably want to focus your attention on Facebook or Twitter.

Likewise, Pinterest remains far more popular with women than men. A largely male customer base isn’t likely to check out your carefully-curated boards, but they will watch tutorials or product showcases on your YouTube channel.

By doing a little demographic research, you can easily find out which social networks your target audience is using. The top three or four should be the ones you spend most of your energy on. This will prevent you from wasting your time on fruitless campaigns, and let you meet your audience where they’re at.

2. Consider Which Platforms Will Showcase Your Products or Services Best

Every social media network has a slightly different focus. On Facebook, you can easily share long-form content such as blog posts. On the other hand, Twitter is geared towards funny or sarcastic one-liners, while Instagram relies heavily on images.

Likewise, your brand probably offers products or services that lend themselves to certain kinds of promotion. If you have stunning handmade items, displaying them on Instagram is ideal. On the other hand, if you specialize in IT support, it may be difficult to translate your services into a photo, so blog posts might be more effective.

Narrowing down the best way to show off your products or services will help steer you towards your ideal social networks. Then, you can craft the perfect campaign to entice leads to become paying customers.

An easy place to start is by asking yourself if what you’re selling is ‘visual’ or not, as in the example we described above. Platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat can easily help you promote your offerings in a highly visual way.

Otherwise, you may be better off letting your voice shine on text-based platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Reddit. There, you can win people over with your personality, and engage them by sharing knowledge and insights.

3. Determine Your Marketing Campaign’s Goals

Finally, you’ll want to consider what you’re hoping to accomplish with your social media campaign. If you’re trying to draw in new buyers, your approach will need to be different than if you want to promote your products to existing customers.

For example, it’s much simpler to search out new brands to try on a platform like Facebook than on Snapchat. Likewise, building customer loyalty with quality support is more easily done on Twitter than on Instagram.

Try making a list of the goals you hope to accomplish with your campaign. Then, consider which social media networks have the tools to help you achieve those objectives, and devise a social marketing strategy for putting those features to work for your brand.

Managing Multiple Social Networks

As we touched on earlier, trying to run campaigns on multiple social networks isn’t always easy. That’s why it may be wise to turn to a social media network marketing service for help. By hiring someone to manage your target networks, you’ll create more time to focus on your company’s growth.

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Social Media Marketing Takeaways to Note in 2019

When it comes to social media marketing, the question isn’t whether you should do it – it’s how. By choosing the right social networks and taking advantage of a social media management service, you’ll be able to run successful and efficient campaigns.

In this article, we shared three key tips for choosing the right social media platforms for your marketing campaigns:

  1. Look at your target audience’s demographics.
  2. Consider which platforms will showcase your products or services best.
  3. Determine your marketing campaign’s goals.

Do you have questions about how to choose the right social networks for your business? Reach out to Lead to Conversion for a FREE digital marketing consultation! Our full-service marketing agency can, and will help push your marketing campaign forward!