Internet ReviewsOnline reviews often dictate the decision-making process of people of all ages and walks of life. For a senior living community, Google reviews can be one of the first glimpses visitors have into the perceived quality of your community.

Thoughtful reviews based on personal experiences, community features, and positive encounters with your staff can immediately influence whether your community gets a second look in a google search. And businesses with many reviews receive higher rankings in SEO results, putting your community in front of more eyes.

So how can you encourage visitors and residents to take the time to write a google review?

Invite In Multiple Ways

Soliciting Google reviews can be a multi-pronged approach to reach different customers. Anywhere there’s a call-to-action on your community’s website, you could include a link to write a Google review. If you provide a literature packet to prospective or new residents, including a postcard with an invitation to write a review could serve as a reminder even when they’re away from the community. You might also include a CTA on monthly billing statements.

Incentivize Your Staff to Solicit Reviews

Google reviews are more valuable when they are current. A company’s listing with only a handful of reviews that are months or even years old may look neglected and may not reflect new and exciting features of your community. Try involving your employees on an ongoing basis to solicit reviews with internal company contests or awards for the staff member who gets the most customers to write a review.

Provide Prompts to Generate Review Ideas

Some people freeze up when faced with nothing but an empty box. They might appreciate some prompting with specific questions or areas to offer feedback about. You could create a separate page on your website with questions that help them get started, such as “How did you find the cleanliness of our community?” or “Did our staff greet you with a friendly attitude?” or “What impressed you about the amenities we offer?” From there, you can provide a Google-generated link that takes the customer directly to the Google review entry field.

Use A Third-Party Service

If you discover that you simply don’t have the time or manpower to devote to soliciting reviews, you could consider a third-party service such as BirdEye to provide customized solutions and manage your approach to soliciting reviews.

Whatever approach you take to increase your Google reviews, try to avoid becoming a nuisance to your residents or visitors. Provide excellent service and some gentle nudges and positive reviews will soon follow.

Bonus Tip: Respond to Google reviews.

Verified businesses can respond to customer reviews, and that information shows up in Google and Maps searches. Engaging with your reviewers with gratitude or responding to concerns can encourage more reviews because it shows you’re interested in the feedback and not just collecting the stars or numbers.

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