how to write good ppc adsPay per click marketing campaigns can be hugely successful for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but you need to put a lot of work into the creation of the ad if you want it to resonate with the right customers. A PPC ad can backfire if executed improperly because you’ll attract a bunch of window shoppers instead of motivated buyers.

If you’ve got a PPC ad coming up the pipeline and want to make sure that you attract the right customers, here are five tips to help you ensure success.

1. Make It Attention-Grabbing

There are a number of ways that you can attract attention from motivated customers, and one of the most important is to use numbers wisely. Numbers stand out in a page full of letters, so using prices, percentages, hours, and other numbers can really make your ad stand out. Using words in your headline that you know will resonate with your ideal customer will also attract the right attention.

Similarly, there are certain words and symbols that you can use in your text that will automatically draw the eye, and most of these are authoritative signals that communicate your business’ credibility. This includes words and symbols like:

  • Endorsed
  • Licenced
  • Official
  • Award
  • As seen on
  • Emergency
  • ®
  • Trademark

2. Prioritize the Call to Action

Without a clear call to action, your customers aren’t going to know what to do with your ad. The call to action tells them exactly how they’re supposed to respond when they see your ad, and what they’ll get when they click. The CTA that you decide to use will depend on the goal of your ad campaign, but it can include things like “browse now,” “call today,” “contact us,” “get your coupon,” and “sign up here.”

3. Offer Something in Return

As a thank you for heeding the call to action or reading your ad, you can offer customers a promotion, and this will likely increase the success of your PPC campaign. Promotions you can offer include savings, limited time offers, clearance sales, deals, two for ones, free shipping, free whitepaper downloads, or anything else that you feel will appeal to your target audience. Since space is limited in a PPC ad, be sure to use it wisely.

4. Only Include Keywords Organically

People sometimes scramble to include keywords in every piece of content that gets published online, but this isn’t always necessary or advisable. A PPC ad, for instance, provides you with very limited space for getting your message across, and you’re just wasting several characters if the keyword doesn’t add to the message. If you can work a keyword into your ad seamlessly, then, by all means, do so. But if you’re struggling to figure out how to work a weird and awkward word into your ad, then you’re better off leaving it out, because it will likely do more harm than good.

5. Make Relevant Information Accessible

You only get 60 characters for the title and description of a Google Ads PPC ad, so you’d better make them count. The keys here are being short, concise, and punchy with your phrases because there’s a good chance that a potential customer won’t even read the whole thing, and will instead scan it for relevant information.

The goal of a PPC ad campaign is obviously to attract motivated customers, but this is often easier said than done. The keys to creating a successful ad involve grabbing attention, keeping it short and sweet, providing a call to action, and offering your customers something in return. And if you’re able to incorporate these elements into your ad, then you’re sure to gain some successful clicks.

Let’s discuss how PPC advertising can generate a profitable ROI for your business.