4 reasons why it's time to restructure your PPC accountIf you already have a pay per click advertising account, you might be hesitant to make changes. After all, restructuring is stressful, and making unwise adjustments to your campaign could cause performance to drop. Still, there are various reasons that restructuring a legacy account could be in your best interest. It might be time to restrategize your pay per click advertising campaign if:

    • Your quality score is low
    • You’re failing to use your budget each month
    • You have one ad group that’s using a majority of your budget
    • Your business is offering new products and services

Our digital marketing experts discuss how restructuring your legacy pay per click advertising account can greatly benefit your business.

1. Boost Your Quality Scores

One of the biggest benefits of restructuring an older pay per click advertising campaign is the ability to boost quality scores. If you’re still using an older account that hasn’t been well maintained you probably have keywords that are low quality and bring the wrong kind of traffic to your website which is costing you money with no return every single month. Ad groups have higher quality scores when the ads and keywords are closely connected. A higher quality score means a better ad rank and position within Google’s search results, it also means lower cost per click, so consider restructuring to save money on bids.

2. Allow for Pay Per Click Advertising Account Expansion

Did you recently expand your business to offer a new product or service? If you have an older PPC campaign, it might be hard to make quick changes when you want to market a new item on your site. One of the benefits of building a well-structured account is that it allows for easy changes and additions without a lot of manual input. For example, it’s a lot easier to see what terms you’re targeting – and which you’re missing – if your ad groups are well organized.

3. Take Advantage of Newer PPC Features

Businesses that fail to restructure their PPC accounts might be missing out on the newest features being offered. Over the years Google has made a number of changes to items like character limits and ad extensions. If you haven’t updated your campaign, you aren’t making use of all the available space. Additionally, if you haven’t kept your account up to date you might not be taking advantage of demographic targeting and adjusting your bids to target particular ages and genders.

4. Adjust Your Locations

If your legacy PPC campaign is not performing as well as you like, the issue might be that you haven’t updated your location settings. One of the biggest reasons to restructure is that it lets you adjust your locations to be more specific – you can even use GPS coordinates or zip codes to focus in on certain parts of town. This ability is especially valuable for local service providers, like plumbers and electricians, and retail establishments that want to target shoppers in their neighborhoods.

Trust Lead to Conversion with Your Legacy PPC Account

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