how to do a social media contestPeople love to win things, and you can use this to your advantage. The thrill of winning a contest often drives people to sign up to win something.

You might not get people excited about signing up for your newsletter, but they may jump at the chance to win something.

By running a contest you can use those contest entries as leads that you can market to and turn into customers.


8 Ways to Increase Your Customer Base With A Social Contest

1.) Hold a contest that requires entrants to provide you with content, whether it is a 4-line poem describing Monday mornings, a photo of the most rotten strawberry you have found in a new basket, or a recording of a loud sneeze. Why? When users of social media provide content to win a prize because they sneeze louder than previously thought humanly possible, they are going to share the evidence with all of their friends, in effect introducing your company to them.

2.) Make sure that social media users who enter your contest provide you with their email address, providing you with useful leads for future promotions. Did you know that personalized emails have been shown to increase click-through rates by up to 14%?

3.) Offer prizes that people really want. Invest your time, imagination, and a worthy prize in the construction of a social media contest. If you have a new product, offer it as a prize, describing its value in simple, easy-to-understand ways. And if you deal in low price-points, offer your prize to 500 people instead of one.

4.) Set a structured time for your contest and be bold in splashing the time frame all over your contest ad. Why? When a user sees that your contest is all over in two days, they will feel a sense of urgency to enter. Now.

5.) Promote your contest widely, using hashtags on Twitter, paid advertising on your chosen social media platform, and other tactics. Perhaps you have a solid relationship with another relevant company that will promote your contest in return for you promoting one of their efforts.

6.) Be extraordinarily clear about your contest rules, as a poorly structured contest can leave your potential customers with a negative impression of your brand. If you bury the end date of your contest, for example, you will have to explain to upset customers that they lost their chance to win your outstanding prize.

7.) Give your contest a cool, catchy name that relates to your brand, that people will like to say, and, importantly, remember.

8.) Make sure that your contest is friendly to smartphones as well as tablets and computers, and that it is ridiculously easy to enter. Again, users will associate your contest with your brand, and you want to leave them with a wide grin and a sense of having had fun.

The benefits of running a well-structured social media contest are varied, and you will see increases in your customer base if you do things right.

And you to save you time, you can utilize the team at Lead to Conversion to make it all happen for you.


Anne Christensen

Anne Smith is the Social Media Marketing Manager for Lead to Conversion. Her passion for social media has grown since she saw its potential over 5 years ago. She loves engaging over social channels and enjoys the ever-changing nature of social media. More than keeping up with best practice, she also enjoys pioneering new strategies.

Her energy shines through to her clients and her work. She is constantly seeking new ways to enhance social media and stay ahead of the curve. Anne is proud to say that her efforts consistently lead to positive results and happy customers!

More than being passionate about social, Anne is passionate about people and the city she lives in. She has been a member of the Social Media Advisory Committee for Positively Cleveland for the past 4 years, where she works with a team of people to promote the City of Cleveland via social media. It is important for Anne to give back to her community and has been a member of the Junior League of Cleveland where she spends time volunteering at different events.

Anne is a family gal. She spends her free time biking and hiking with her husband and 2 children in the city of Cleveland and the Cuyahoga Valley National park.

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