professional video production in clevelandHere at Lead to Conversion, we are known for creating attractive, responsive websites and then using our expertise to increase search engine rankings.

However, that’s not all we can do. One of exciting services we provide is helping our clients create high-quality videos for their websites or YouTube channels.

Our video production capabilities show that we have both the technology and the expertise to produce videos that would do any client proud.


In a recent project, we teamed up with Axis Communications to create a video highlighting the use of their products and technology in the Boys & Girls Club of Massillon.

The video can be seen here:

In this video, managers and employees of the Boys & Girls Club of Massillon talk about the use of Axis video in their facility, and how it has made it safer for the kids that spend time there.

With many different areas and entrances, it is crucial for the minors in the facility to be monitored and protected at all times, and the video shows how Axis makes this happen.

The video also shows the production expertise of Lead to Conversion.

It comes across as professional, befitting the serious nature of the subject matter. Along with the overall production quality, the content of the video is also on point.

The content flows from one point to the next, with just the right amount of narration, interviews and on-screen text.

The Need for High-Quality Video Production

As online video becomes and more and more prevalent, the quality must also continue to rise. Creating quick and grainy videos just to have something to slap onto your website is no longer acceptable.

Online shoppers and prospective customers want to see video that’s similar in quality to what they would see on television.

The lower the production quality, the less your prospective customers will take you seriously. If someone arrives on your website or YouTube page and sees a low quality video, they will perceive your company or organization as being low quality.

In today’s social media driven world, they will also spread the word.

In the case of the Boys & Girls Club of Massillon video, the way it looks and the way the content is presented creates an immediate perception of professionalism and quality.

When it comes to something like a boys & girls club, it’s crucial that people seeing the video get a feeling of safety and security, especially if they are considering sending their children there.

About Axis Communications

Axis Communications is the company that provides the network security video for the Boys & Girls Club of Massillon, and they have positioned themselves as a market leader in the industry. Axis invented the world’s first network camera in 1996, and have been growing ever since.

Some of the features that help set Axis Communications apart from their competition include:

  • Perimeter Protection that can distinguish between false alarms and the real thing.
  • Thermal and PTZ cameras to detect suspicious activity in total darkness
  • Full automation capabilities
  • Remote two-way audio communication

Benefits of Working with Us

When you leave the production of your video to Lead to Conversion, you will receive a professionally produced video that will shine the best possible light on your company or organization.

We will deliver your video on time, and our team feels comfortable partnering with experts from any industry, as is evidenced by the work we created in the Axis Communications video.

Contact us today if your organization has been thinking of adding high-quality video as part of your marketing strategy.