Optimizing images is another great way to help reduce the amount of time it takes for a page to load. The 2 levels of image optimization are categorized into basic and advanced.

We’ll use the IP logo weighing in at 32.1 KB for today’s example.

Basic Optimization of JPEG Images

Basic image optimization includes cropping out unnecessary white space. Using the Jpegcrop Windows Application or another image editor, crop out excess white space as illustrated in the screenshot below.
Basic image optimization

Advanced Optimization of JPEG Images

Advanced image optimization involves lossless compression of the JPEG file. Using the Jpegcrop Windows Application, losslessly compress the image as illustrated in the 2 screenshots below.

Go to Preferences.
Advanced image optimization
Select the following Preference options to compress the JPEG image.
Advanced image optimization preferences

Optimized Image Results

The size of the IP logo after basic and advanced image optimization had reduced to 21.0 KB, which is a size reduction of nearly 35%.

Keeping the sizes of images to a minimum will help pages load faster and help provide a better user experience.

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