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If you’re not currently using Pinterest to engage customers, enhance your marketing strategy, or boost brand recognition, you may be missing out on one of the greatest growth tools available today. A social media platform unlike any other, Pinterest is uniquely engaging. A Pinterest presence can be the key to greater engagement with new clients as well as existing customers, particularly if yours is a brand with international appeal. Pinterest marketing provides new and unique ways to the growth of your business.

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest users typically search for content that is inspiring and entertaining, focusing on visual content that they can save and return to in the future. The ability to pin visually stimulating content to personal boards is a distinctive feature of the platform. Since 2017, they have increased their users by nearly 70 million per year and are now at 431 million users. More recent statistics point to an even more impressive record for the future.

Not only is Pinterest a powerhouse for an online store, but 80% of pinners report that they have discovered their favorite new brands by browsing Pinterest boards. While women currently account for about 76.7% of the platform’s users, male pinners and Gen Z users have grown 40% year over year, US-based Millennial use is up by 35%, and 45% of people in the US with incomes of more than $100,000, are on Pinterest.

But it’s the international growth of Pinterest users that is most interesting and offers new possibilities for young companies in a growth mode.

How Best to Utilize Pinterest in Your Marketing Strategy

With 431 million users, your company should want to have a presence. Especially considering the deep pockets many of these users have. To make the most of your Pinterest experience, look beyond a hard-sell approach, according to those who have built success with a targeted marketing strategy that includes Pinterest.

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Posts on Pinterest — known as pins — primarily offer visual stimulation. They also present a graphic way for visitors to discover new ideas, new products, and new brands. Visitors to the platform are often only in the early stages of their purchase journeys, and they look to pins as a part of their discovery process. Think about your marketing strategy with that in mind. It can be viewed as the ideal platform for B2C companies.

Here are the top benefits of getting familiar with Pinterest in the coming year.

1. Pinterest Marketing Efforts Will Expand Your Online Presence

You can increase brand awareness and include relevant and related content to reach a wider audience, even if the primary purpose of your Pinterest content writing marketing effort is to highlight products. You’ll gain followers when others share your content and store ideas.

2. Diversify Your Audience through Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest encourages creativity. It’s important for sellers to follow Pinterest’s visually refreshing format. Use photos and videos to build brand awareness. Group related products and ideas on a single board or create multiple boards for other pinners to share and build upon. High-quality photographs are the primary focus of Pinterest boards, but savvy users expand their impact in many other ways. Link to off-platform videos or articles, use keywords to rate higher in searches, link to your own blog posts, create how-to posts, and encourage sharing and interaction.

3. Expand Your Potential with a Pinterest Business Account

Setting up and maintaining a Pinterest Business account is tedious but it comes with distinct advantages for both large and small companies. With access to the Pinterest Business Hub and platform analytics, an individual or a startup company can learn the best ways to use different classes of pins, target other pinners and Pinterest enthusiasts because of the analytics, and adjust marketing tactics to achieve desired results.

4. Learn How to Make Different Types of Pins with a Business Account

While personal accounts allow only static pins and idea pins, business users have a wider range of options, including Video Pins, Rich Pins, Try on Product Pins, and Collections Pins. Rich Pins For a look at these different types of pins, including the varied and specific rich pins that are available to Pinterest business users, visit the Pinterest Business Information Page.

Business accounts also allow users to place ads on the platform. By using professional infographic design services in tandem with a planned advertising campaign, your efforts will have an even greater impact. Pinterest business accounts are sophisticated enough to be well-suited for use by marketing pros.

5. Drive Traffic to Your Website and other Social Media Accounts

Ideally, a Pinterest account offers versatile ways to market your product. Like any effective marketing plan, it takes effort and regular posting to achieve the kind of interaction that you desire with a target audience. But it’s exactly that interaction and regularity that will boost your exposure and attract more visitors. And it is certainly worth the effort. In addition, the more you post and interact with other active accounts, the more your posts will be seen and remembered.

6. Encourage Conversions with Pinterest Advertising

As mentioned above, a Pinterest Business Account gives an individual or a company the ability to convert views into sales with minimal expense. Because Pinterest is primarily a visual platform and pins do not normally have a lifespan, over time they become part of a larger collection that tells a company’s story in a distinctive way. Boost your company’s product awareness and “story” with unique pins. Tell the public about your business, your people, your company culture, and your place in the world.

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Target Your Pinterest Profile for Maximum Impact

As with any social media presence, your Pinterest marketing strategy must be well-planned and coordinated. But the possibilities for growth are almost unlimited. Users can schedule pins for advantageous times and days, reach a specific target audience, use Pinterest ads for promotion, set up group boards, and solicit website traffic in scores of different ways.

Pinterest marketing strategies can be altered as your company grows and your needs change. As a company’s Pinterest presence grows, referral traffic is also increased naturally and organically. Link your Pinterest site with other social media marketing for maximum impact, finding creative, innovative ways to tell your story.

With Lead to Conversion, You Can Build a Community of Followers with Pinterest Group Boards

Interaction with other users is one of the best ways to spread the word about your company, your philosophy, or your products. Use promoted pins, and place ads that highlight specific products, services, clients, and seasons. Post evergreen information — how-to videos, thought pieces, and testimonials.

Use Pinterest to form alliances with others. Remember the adage about “rising tides lifting all boats!” Pinterest marketing is not only about innovating and creativity; it is a tested way of reaching potential clients, buyers, supporters, and followers, one that you should not ignore in your future marketing plan. It is an effort destined to pay dividends as Pinterest continues its global growth spurt and attracts even greater numbers of pinners in the coming year.

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