SEO Link Building ServicesHaving another website link to yours has always been a great and effective way to increase your authority with search engines and therefore help to improve your ranking. But trying to do SEO link building for your website can be risky if you don’t do it properly.

The reason that SEO link building can be risky is because in recent years search engines like Google have cracked down on practices that they have deemed to be web spam.


These tactics, known as “black hat”, are not limited to links generated automatically by a machine. They can also include low quality links created manually in an effort to manipulate results. If you have low quality links pointing back to your website, Google’s algorithms may interpret that as manipulation and penalize you.

Bad Backlinks Can Be Very Costly For SEO

Before April 2012, Google did little to verify the quality of links to any website. Therefore, it was relatively easy for someone to use links to artificially improve their search rankings. That is until they implemented their Penguin update.

From that point on, rankings were to be based on merit and uniqueness only and anyone trying to manipulate the results would risk being severely punished. If Google’s search engine spiders detect a black hat SEO backlink, it can impose an algorithmic penalty to the site resulting in its rankings plummeting or disappearing entirely from the search results.

What Are Good SEO Backlinks?

Google wants to reward links that have been given freely for editorial reasons. That means they will reward links to high quality content providing value to the user that have been earned organically. Those good links can go a long way towards helping to improve your search result rankings, unlike bad links that can decimate your ranking.

SEO Link Building Requires a Professional

It isn’t always very clear to the uninitiated which SEO link building strategies are white hat and which are black hat. An untrained amateur who is not up-to-date on the latest link development solutions that are acceptable to all major search engines runs the risk of unknowingly running afoul of their guidelines and facing severe penalties that could damage a company’s online reputation and adversely affect their bottom line.

An SEO professional, on the other hand, can help you get good quality links to your content on legitimate and relevant blogs and websites. They can also help ensure that your content marketing has the kind of relevance and value needed to earn links naturally and that it can be easily shared.

While some may tell you that link building is not worth the risk ever since Google introduced its Penguin and subsequent Panda algorithm updates, there is still a great deal of value and benefit to earning links as a part of your ongoing SEO strategy.

The best way to mitigate the potential risks of getting hit with a penalty is to entrust the task to an expert. And, if you happen to have been previously affected negatively by a Google penalty, your SEO expert may be able to help you regain your good standing.

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