Microcar, MicrodataLast month, Intrapromote’s own Caleb Dann wrote about Schema.org microdata markup for the food & beverage industry. If you’re in the food & beverage industry, this article is extremely helpful – especially if you’re a craft beer brewery, since evidently not many craft brewery websites employ microdata.

If you’re in the automotive industry, Caleb’s article is still helpful, but let me expand on it for the auto industry’s sake.

Why should the auto industry use microdata? There are plenty of reasons, but here are some immediate benefits:

  • Possibility of rich snippets in search results – your actual search results could become more visually appealing, enticing Google users to click over to your website instead of anybody else’s.
  • More complete information for your Google+ Local listing – appear more professional to G+ users, requiring less information-searching on their part, allowing them to advance to a point of readiness to reach out to your store.
  • Accuracy of information – you’ll control the phone numbers, address, contact information, etc. that users see, so they don’t wind up trying to call a number that may no longer be in service and start their buying process with a negative view of your business before you even get a chance to talk with them.

The first link you’ll want to take a look at is Schema.org’s list of Automotive Business data code and descriptions:


That’s for auto in general – repair, parts, and sales. If you’re a dealership with an automotive retail service (independent or franchise), you can take it one step further with their Auto Dealer code & descriptions:


In my previous post on Google+ for automotive, I wrote this paragraph:
Google’s search engine in general can help you out if you’re willing to optimize your website to make sure that the robots know what your business does, who’s associated with it, how relevant it is to search queries, and so on.

This holds true in all aspects of building and optimizing your website. Microdata markup is an advanced tool for letting Google know who you are, where you are, what you do, and why you’re relevant to certain applicable search queries.

If you or your web developer haven’t got time to create the code from scratch based on Schema.org’s tables, here’s a handy free-to-use microdata generator: