When working in SEO you’re always looking for great tools that help make valuable insights for your clients. I’d like to take some time to feature a tool I was introduced to during a recent webinar: Siteliner.

The good news right off the bat is that this tool is totally free for up to 250 pages. It’s also


intuitive, since all you need to do is put in the URL you’d like to analyze and the tool goes to work. Once the analysis has started you’ll start to see data popping up including:

  • Each URL that the crawler finds on your website
  • The title tag for each page
  • Its “Page Power”, which is basically the page’s power to rank based on incoming links
  • Size of the page in MB
  • How many words are on the page
  • Last date the page was modified

Now to be fair, this kind of information can be pieced together from other tools on the web. What makes this tool unique is its ability to point out the errors for you. Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) may tell you you have a broken link on a page leading to an incorrect 404, but where is that link on the page? With Siteliner you simply click the URL and it takes you to the page and highlights the link that is broken, taking the searching out of the equation.

Another feature that I find useful from Siteliner is the Duplicate Content Tool. Tools like GWT may tell you about the duplicate meta-data you have on a site but it doesn’t get down to the level of reporting duplicate text content. Siteliner will give you an overall percentage of duplicate content it finds on your site, while also allowing you to drill down to a page level. In the age when unique content is king, this is invaluable.

Just like the broken link example, Siteliner will also will:

  • Highlight pieces of text content that exactly matches other pieces of content on your domain and sort the pages based on the total percentage of text matched
  • Links to the other pieces of content so that you can compare
  • Color coding of pieces of content that match different pages on your site

Some of the other features you’ll find on Siteliner are:

  • Skipped Pages where you can see broken redirects as well as orphaned pages that Google is not crawling
  • Related domains your domain links out to
  • A Sitemap creator

If you’re looking for a new tool to add to your SEO work belt I’d highly recommend Siteliner. I find that it strikes a balance between being intuitively easy to use while also giving specific insights that I haven’t seen in other tools.