The Hispanic population in America is predicted to reach 30% of the entire population by the year 2050, which is a dramatic increase of almost 165% from the year 2017. And according to Pew Research, 36% of the American Hispanic population is bilingual, 38% speak mostly in Spanish and 25% speak mostly in English.

Clearly, there are many customers in America who speak Spanish – as do 437 million people globally – and this trend is projected to expand, meaning that reaching out to Spanish-speaking customers in their native language is a smart idea.

Oh, and Google dominates the market as the choice of search engine for Spanish speakers worldwide, with 96% choosing it vs. other search engines.

The numbers indicate that communicating more directly with Spanish-speaking customers could broaden your target market in a significant way: Here are three factors to consider as you consider incorporating Spanish language into your web pages and digital marketing plan.

1. Authenticity is a Must

Spanish is spoken as the official language in 19 countries, and there are a variety of dialects being spoken in the United States, translating your online marketing materials, and connecting with Spanish-speaking customers is a process that must be led by a Spanish speaker who is connected to the culture.

As when working in any language, it is important to show your target community that you are making an authentic attempt to reach out to them. If you simply run your website through online Spanish translation software or plugin such as Google Translate, as an example, you will likely alienate the hispanic market segment you are targeting. 

2. Getting Hyper-Local is Crucial

The Latino communities of the USA are incredibly diverse: Newcomers to America interact differently with products and services than do long-established residents, for example. A serious Spanish Search Engine Optimization campaign must be constructed so that it is fluid, with different elements of it targeting various segments within the larger Spanish-speaking demographic. Elements such as creating Spanish content in the form of new web pages and content marketing (blog posts), exhaustive keyword research, coding changes, link building, and blogger outreach, are all important factors in ensuring your content can be found in the Spanish market.

3. Make Social Media a Focus

Pew Research reports that Hispanics in America use social media more often than any other defined group, with 80% of adult Hispanic Americans regularly using platforms like Facebook, YouTube and others, compared to only 72% of the general population.

How does this relate to Spanish Search Engine Optimization?

Understanding how Spanish-speaking Americans interact with the Internet and identifying useful trends should be your first step in building a Spanish SEO strategy: Targeting popular social media platforms is a strategy supported by current research.

This Market Is Too Big To Ignore

Many small to mid-sized companies feel overwhelmed at the prospect of incorporating a new language into their SEO strategy, but it need not be.

As the Spanish-speaking market in America is widely viewed as the most obvious opportunity for companies to grow in the next 30 years or so, digital agencies are focusing on providing effective ways to market to the lucrative marketing segment, including the provision of Spanish SEO services.

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