Social Signals For SEO: Do They Have An Impact?

Social Signals for SEOBy now, most everyone understands the value and importance of solid social media marketing strategy can have on your success. But do social signals for SEO really help your websites search results, and if so, how?

To begin, I’d like to point out that Google has not shared its search algorithm with us or with anyone else, nor are they likely to in the future. However, some conclusions can be drawn from the features of high ranking pages and their results.


What Do The Experts Think About Social Signals For SEO?

Recently, Moz surveyed over 150 search marketing professionals to gain insight on the perceived value of 90 ranking factors.

The results of the survey were then compared with an extensive correlation study to help determine which features are associated with higher search rankings.

The survey results indicated that social signals are ranked ninth among the most influential factors related to search results.

Within that category, the factors that seem to have the greatest influence include (from most important to least):

  • Engagement with content
  • Number of Google+ shares and +1s associated with the URL
  • Number of tweets associated with the URL
  • Number of Facebook likes and shares associated with URL
  • Comments about the page on social sites
  • Sentiment of social links and citations
  • Number of Pinterest pins related to URL
  • Upvotes for the page on social sites

According to the results of a similar survey relating to local search ranking factors, social signals were responsible for 5% of the website’s overall local search result rankings.

These findings suggest that, while they may not be the most important factor in organic search rankings, using social signals for SEO is significant and can contribute considerably to your overall results.

Where to Focus Your Social Media Attention

Clearly, positive interactions on social media will have the greatest value. Increased shares of your content on social media will help to improve your page’s chances of ranking higher.

Like any other page on the web, social media pages are crawled, and the content is considered. If a post gets more attention, likes and shares, it will be seen to have greater authority.

Obtaining More Followers and Likes

It’s important to remember that what counts most are interactions associated with your URL. Therefore, the number of friend’s likes or followers your social media page may have will not in any way contribute to the authority given to your website.

That being said, however, having a larger community supporting you will inevitably result in more frequent, positive interactions associated with your URL on social networks.

Social Media and SEO Isn’t Just a Numbers Game

Much like the contributions made to your rankings from external links, their quality is far more important than the quantity you may have.

Having fewer members in your online community that are more actively engaged with your content by sharing it, commenting on it and contributing to it is far more valuable then a much larger community that does not engage at all.

Furthermore, having a community that actively shares your content greatly improves its chances of spreading further afield and generating new, quality inbound links.

As you can see, social signals for SEO do not directly influence your search rankings, but they provide an important correlation that highlights the importance of a strong social media strategy.

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