Tokyo-Based Managed Services Provider SEO & Mobile SEO Case Study

CLIENT: Managed IT Support with locations in Tokyo, Singapore & Hong Kong


CAMPAIGN TYPE: Digital Marketing

Goals: Amplify desktop and mobile search engine presence on Google to acquire leads from medium and large enterprises looking for managed IT services in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Strategy: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Link Development, Content Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Background & Execution

This client had originally had success with word-of-mouth, referral partnerships and boots on the ground marketing tactics, however lead volume had declined significantly. They engaged with Lead to Conversion™ to increase leads through a digital marketing campaign. We created a customized digital marketing strategy incorporating SEO, Content Marketing, Link Development and Conversion Rate Optimization.

After going through exhaustive keyword research, auditing the client’s site and researching their organic competitor landscape in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong, we executed a comprehensive SEO and Mobile SEO program. A good portion of our focus was development and publishing of new landing pages and highly relevant articles to shore up leads across Japan and from around the world from enterprises seeking our client’s MSP expertise.

For SEO, we optimized page titles, meta descriptions, internal linking, added fresh localized landing pages and service-specific pages, and wrote fresh content in the form of well-researched and optimized articles. We also conducted ongoing A/B and multivariate CRO tests to fine turn conversion potential in both desktop and mobile environments.

Here are the results for July 1, 2020 – January 14, 2021 vs. previous period (December 16, 2019 – June 30, 2020):

Organic SEO

1 3

2 2

Organic search statistics showed:

  • 109% increase in organic visitors
  • 547 form submission inquiries
  • 5% conversion rate

Mobile SEO

3 2


Mobile SEO stats showed:

  • 148% increase in mobile organic traffic (went from 1,015 to 2,517)
  • 73% increase in goal conversions 

We continue to work with the client and have expanded our scope of work in 2021 to double our output for on-page SEO, link development, and content marketing since the results exceeded the client’s expectations. Our new mutually agreed upon goal is to see a commensurate increase in traffic and conversions based on their increased scope and spend.


At Lead to Conversion™, we understand that our clients want tangible results. This is why we are constantly tracking the results of any marketing plan we implement and are always looking at ways to take things to the next level for our clients.

We have over 100 years of collective digital marketing experience with a strong track record in the MSP vertical. Whether the goal is an increase in form submissions through applicable traffic, a stronger social presence, or a cutting-edge approach to Digital Marketing in general, Lead to Conversion™ has the experience and knowledge to execute the right campaign for your business. 

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