Many clients start their search for a family pet on the internet. Simply put, if your dog breeding business doesn’t have a website, they won’t find you online. Consider prioritizing these three things when building your dog breeding business website:


Nothing attracts prospective customers like quality photographs that truly reflect the nature of your business. If you’re a family-run operation, photos of your family and pets will convey warmth and help you connect with potential clients. Staff photos and a description of each person’s responsibilities help customers know who they can turn to for questions or help. And, of course, photos of your available puppies help people know what breeds, ages, colors, etc. that your business offers.

Particularly on your home page, use well-lit and high-quality photographs to convey professionalism and care. When posting photos of your puppies, shoot for a common background or similar lighting to have the pictures appear uniform and easy to navigate visually. Photographs will be your best marketing tool to really show the features and characteristics of your dogs. Customers can easily fall in love with a puppy based on a good set of photos.

Data Collection & Organization

Some clients may find your site based on a very specialized search: a black and white male Cocker Spaniel, 8 weeks old. Others may be considering any breed of dog and window shopping for a puppy that wins their heart. And some may be in full-research mode, learning characteristics about all different breeds to settle on the right one for their family. If your site seeks to answer all the questions a customer can dream up, they are likely to stick around and keep browsing.

To start with, each advertised puppy can include some basic information that prospective customers might look for. These details can include: gender, breed, date of birth, estimated adult weight, color and description of markings, microchip number, and AKC registration information, if applicable. You could also help people learn even more by describing specifics like any noticeable temperament or compatibility with children or other pets.

Pricing And Payment Information

Cost is obviously very important information customers will look for on each puppy’s listing. Though you don’t need to give potential buyers every detail of your pricing strategy, some level of transparency may lead to trust and confidence. It may be beneficial to provide multiple means of online payment, such as PayPal, Square, or Stripe so you can meet the needs of a PayPal customer and those who want to pay by credit card.

If you don’t intend to take online payments, a reservation form or online contract accessed on each puppy’s listing can help the customer complete a transaction and then wait for payment instructions. This method works well for any financing or payment plans you offer. Though each dog listing should have clear and visible pricing and checkout links, it may also be helpful to have a Payment tab that clearly explains the procedures and all possible payment methods.

Potential customers will spend the most time on your site if they find it easy to navigate and full of information that helps them make a decision to purchase. By prioritizing good photos, detailed puppy information, and clear payment instructions, your site will inspire confidence and satisfaction with a puppy purchase.


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