The importance of a logo design for your business

The importance of a logo design for your businessA logo is a representation of who you are as a business. If you’ve grown and changed direction since you’ve started your business, or if you have a nagging suspicion that your logo just isn’t up-to-par, it may be time for a professional redesign.

Characteristics of a Great Logo

We’re all familiar with some of the world’s most recognizable corporate logos today such as Coca-Cola, Nike and McDonald’s. But what characteristics exactly make an awesome logo?

Unique and memorable. How many logos have you seen with generic-looking mountains or unremarkable font? Something that’s a bit different from the crowd can help cut through the clutter.

Consistent with your company and industry. While it’s important to be unique, you don’t want your logo to be too crazy. Is your logo consistent with the values of your company? Would a customer feel like your logo is consistent with what is expected of the industry you’re in?

Simple. One of the reasons why McDonald’s golden arch logo is so strong is because of its simplicity. While you may feel the urge to make a killer image with fancy graphics, remember that a solid logo translates across all mediums, print and digital, and should work well whether it’s small or plastered on a large billboard. Often, the best logo designs are the simplest ones.

Why a Well Designed Logo Is Important To Your Business

With a strong logo used consistently across all your marketing collateral, you’ll experience many benefits such as:

  • Attract more customers. Let’s say you’re looking for a reputable painting company, and you’ve narrowed down your choices to two companies, both with good reviews from friends. Company A has a professional looking logo, while Company B has a logo that looks like it was created with Microsoft Word. Which company would you choose?
  • Build trust. When your customers consistently see your logo on your website, business cards, and other marketing platforms, it becomes familiar, and they begin to trust your business. This is especially important in certain industries such as the financial and banking sector.
  • Make a great first impression. It’s been proven that people make snap judgments (whether accurate or not) about images within moments of seeing them. A solid logo can get your business off to a great start.
  • Increase brand awareness. Brand awareness is simply the knowledge that your business exists and the products or services you sell. To make even one sale, a customer first must be aware of your company. The right logo can help you stand out from your competitors.

Signs You Need a New Logo

In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape where more customers are flocking online to do research of different companies, a weak logo is no longer acceptable.

Does your current logo exemplify who you are today as a company, and what you can offer to customers? If your logo uses a font that is difficult to read or simply looks dated, if it’s similar to a competitor’s logo, or if it incorporates clip art, it’s time to get a new logo.

At Lead to Conversion™, we have a wealth of experience and expertise designing killer logos for a wide range of businesses. If you’d like to go over the possibilities, contact us today.