Web  No company ever wants to fail in social media but they do. All the time. They wonder what they could have done to prevent such failure. What were they doing wrong. Below are 4 things that I think may answer their questions. 1. You don’t have a plan: The biggest mistake businesses make when using social media is not having a plan. They just start posting things on their social platforms with little thought. It is very important to have a marketing plan in place before you start posting social updates. The first step to a plan is creating a content calendar with themes, times, links & images. This will take some time to come up with. Even after you have a content calendar is in place, it will change. Often I see that it can take up to 3 months to really figure out what your target market likes. And just when you thought you figured them out, you offer a new product or a new current event has happened and there goes that content calendar you had in place. Leave room for adjustment. It will happen. 2. You forget about talking to your audience: A lot of companies tend to post on social platform but forget to actually talk to their target market. Interacting with your audience is the best way to see what they like or need. They will look at your company as more of a “person” than a company. By simply liking a comment or replying to a comment will make your target market feel special and important to your company. Often you will see people favorite a tweet that your company has tweeted directly to them. Now they feel important. Listen to what they are saying. You never know….you may come up with a new service or product people want or need. 3. You only sell your product: I know that a ROI is extremely important to any business. Pushing your only your product or services on your social platforms can do more harm than good. I’m not saying to not post about your product or service, but think about what is related to your company. For example: Let’s say you are a hotel in Miami, Florida. Try posting about things to do in that area, places to eat, types of clothes needed, weather updates and upcoming events. This way your audience will have a better feel of what to expect when they visit your hotel. All this local information may be the decision they stay with you. You have now become an expert in your city. How great is that! 4. You are not tracking your results: If you don’t track your results of your posts how will you ever know if they are working. Make sure you are keeping a good eye of your analytics. Here, you will also be able to find out what is working for your company and what really gets your audience going. This will help when planning out your content calendar every month. You will basically learn what not to post or talk about! Some think that social media is easy. It is far from easy. It is ever changing, which means you have to constantly stay on your toes and up to date on what is happening. Pay close attention to what your audience actually enjoys and talks about. If your company needs help with social media give Lead to Conversion a call: 855-4-SEOLTC Let us help your company get on the right track! Questions? Leave a comment below.