CLIENT Online Retailer of Welding Supplies
INDUSTRY Construction/Manufacturing
CAMPAIGN TYPE SEO, PPC, Conversion Rate Optimization, Link Development, and Email

GOAL The client in this case study came to us with three main goals:

  1. Take a fledgling PPC account and build it into a legitimate money-­‐maker.
  2. Improve branded and non-­‐branded organic search terms to increase revenue alongside of PPC revenue.
  3. Monitor and refine results to continually improve ROI and market share.

STRATEGY Deploy site-­‐wide SEO best practices to improve organic positioning and revenue while building, optimizing, and fine-­‐tuning PPC tactics.

Background & Goals

Our client is a retailer of welding supplies, equipment, and accessories. Due to the proliferation of ecommerce-­‐based online retailers in this industry niche, this client needed both organic and PPC search strategies that would elevate it above its growing list of competitors.

The company engaged LTC to create a strategy of SEO, PPC, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Email Marketing. We began with a full site audit and keyword research, with which we’d build both PPC and Organic search roadmaps.

Broad, Multi-­‐Channel Growth

The results of our efforts have been incredible. In just one year, we’ve shown our client double-­‐digit growth across the board. Here are the specs when we look at site-­‐wide performance from all channels:

• All traffic: 38% increase
• Ecommerce conversion rate: 11% increase
• Revenue: 27% increase

One of our core values is to increase traffic numbers, but to do so with traffic that is qualified – that is, likely to convert or to take the actions that we want them to take once they reach your site. Read through the following sections to see how we did. (Spoiler: We did great.)

Growth in Organic Traffic

A thorough audit of the technical aspects of the site revealed significant opportunities for improvement. Throughout the period following the audit, we attacked those areas and saw immediate improvement. To date, using the same year-­‐over-­‐year view of the last 12 months versus the previous 12 months, organic search has been our biggest success story for this client.

During this time period, we saw the following improvement in organic search performance:

• Search traffic: 89% growth
• Revenue: 72% growth
• Total transactions: 85% growth

We’re proud of the fact that as traffic rose, so did revenue and total transactions. Not to mention that over time, the gap between last year’s numbers and this year’s numbers has continued to widen. So while we had a monthly average of 89% for the 12-­‐month period, our last three months averaged 100% growth.

Using PPC as a Traffic Foundation

During the same time, we used pay per click advertising as a foundational traffic source, ensuring that while we gain organic placements for key terms, we still have a strong presence on SERPs for the most competitive branded and non-­‐branded terms. We also focused hard on creating an experience that would result in declining abandonment rates, and our increase in conversion rates is a testament to that work. During this comparision period, here are the stats for PPC:

• Traffic: 22% growth
• Revenue: 6% growth
• Conversion Rate: 12% improvement

Get Your Helmet On

The perfect weld requires experience, good equipment, and a devotion to precision. The result is a nearly unbreakable bond – stronger than the original surfaces were to begin with. As with welding, LTC fuses best-­‐practices digital marketing tactics with a knowledgeable, dedicated staff. The result is a durable campaign that can withstand competition, algorithm changes, and unpredictable industry changes. We’re ready to throw some amps into your online marketing campaign. Request a quote today or call 855-473-6582. 

Mark Alperin

Mark Alperin

Vice President of Digital Marketing