Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective and successful ways to find new customers, convert prospects into buyers, and generate repeat sales from existing clients.

Email Marketing is not a magic bullet

Without the right email marketing solutions in place, you won’t be able to experience its benefits.

The fact is that we’re all inundated with junk emails each and every day. If you open your inbox right now, how many of those messages are you truly interested in? How many messages do you delete or mark as spam each day without ever opening?

The hurdle is to ensure that you build the right list of engaged prospects with an opt in email marketing campaign, and then send them the right messages, in the right ways, to produce the desired results.

At Lead to Conversion, we have the proven formula for effective and successful email campaigns, regardless of what industry or niche you’re in, or what you’re trying to achieve.

We have a wealth of experience in producing high quality email marketing campaigns which are in full compliance with the latest industry standards and best practices. Our marketing solutions are results-driven, and carefully managed and optimized over the length of a campaign to continually improve results.

The Difference of Proven Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing strategies may seem like they’re a dime a dozen, however, they certainly aren’t all created equally. If you want your emails to be opened, read and then acted upon, you need to utilize proven email best practices designed for success.

It starts at the beginning, by finding legitimate prospects and convincing them to sign up for an opt in email list. Targeted email campaigns working from a core of just a few highly interested individuals is far more effective than purchased lists filled with thousands of names, none of whom know or care who you are.

From there, every email you send is a piece of your relationship with those prospects. To build those relationships successfully and eventually convert those prospects into sales, you’ll need a finely-tuned approach.

This will incorporate everything from the usage of the right email solution providers, to the effective design of your email subject lines, the content and appearance of the message itself, and much more, including a strong call to action and an overall game plan for continued message delivery. We can also integrate your email marketing plan into a single, comprehensive online marketing strategy which fits perfectly with your website, SEO, social media, and more.

Launch your Targeted Email Marketing Campaign Today

At Lead to Conversion, we have proven expertise and success designing  effective email marketing solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. You want prospects and sales, not deletes and spam, and that’s what we’ll help you to achieve. Contact Us for a free consultation or call 855.473.6582 and we’ll show you the difference that proven email marketing solutions and best practices can make for your business.

Jason Zimmerman

Jason Zimmerman

Digital Marketing Manager

Case Study

Hospitality Email Campaign

The main objective for the campaign was to generate bookings for the resort using a 3 part email blast covering Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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