Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective and successful ways to find new customers, convert prospects into buyers, and generate repeat sales from existing clients. However, email marketing services are not a magic bullet.

Without the right email marketing strategy in place, you won’t be able to experience the practice’s many benefits. Here are some of Lead to Conversion™’s strategies for optimizing your email marketing efforts to secure more leads, and ultimately conversions:

Email marketing services concept. It should not only rely on the best email marketing software but also with email marketing platforms.

Breaking Through the Junk Mail Barrier

The fact is that all of us are inundated with junk emails each and every day. If you open your inbox right now, how many of those messages are you truly interested in? From annoying advertisements to poorly written pitches, how many messages do you delete or mark as spam each day without ever opening them? The odds are good that many, if not most, of your emails are unwanted if not downright obnoxious. That’s where Lead to Conversion™ comes in.

A leader in digital marketing, Lead to Conversion™, has the proven formula for effective and successful email marketing services. Regardless of what industry or niche you’re in, or what you’re trying to achieve, we have a wealth of experience producing high-quality email marketing campaigns, which are in full compliance with the latest industry standards and best practices. Our email marketing strategies are results-driven, and carefully managed and optimized over the length of a campaign to continually improve results.

Best Email Marketing Services

Top email marketing services concept image. Free email marketing software has limited functionality that cannot provide the email marketing solution you need.

Email marketing companies might seem like they’re a dime a dozen; however, they certainly aren’t all created equal. If you want your emails to be opened, read, and acted upon, you need to utilize proven email best practices designed for success.

A trusted email marketing agency can help you locate legitimate prospects and persuade them to sign up for an opt-in email list. Rather than spamming hundreds – or thousands – of uninterested subscribers with messages that don’t meet their needs, savvy marketers target campaigns to a core group of highly interested individuals. This strategy is far more effective than utilizing purchased lists of recipients, none of whom know or care about your company.

It’s important to remember that every email you send helps build the relationship you have with your prospects. To develop those relationships successfully – and convert those prospects into sales – you’ll need a finely tuned approach. From creating effective subject lines and calls to action to ensuring the content and appearance of your email align with your brand, a strong email marketing campaign involves a single, comprehensive online marketing strategy which fits perfectly with your websiteSEOsocial media, and more.

Once you’ve curated one or more targeted email lists, an email marketing company like Lead to Conversion™ can help you design messages to achieve the desired effect on your audience.

Choose the Right Content for Your Emails

Typing on the laptop concept in generating content for email. The best email marketing service chooses the right content for your email marketing campaigns and by using email marketing tools you can create a marketing automation that can lead to your landing pages and into conversion.The best content speaks directly to your subscribers, and that means keeping their wants and needs in mind. Rather than spamming your audience with constant advertisements and product offers, knowledgeable marketers aim to provide content that’s relevant, emotional, and interesting. For example, you might create messages about new and upcoming events at your shop, recently released products, and developments that are relevant to your industry. Additionally, effective emails could include attractive photos, testimonials from satisfied customers, case studies, and shopping guides for various holidays.

Good email marketing is also personal, offering a clear benefit for the reader. There are only so many hours in the day, and no one is going to spend her valuable time perusing content that isn’t relevant to her needs. That’s why your emails should include a straightforward yet descriptive subject line that lets readers know why they should keep paying attention. Try to offer a clear benefit, such as scoring a discount on a new product or service, and see your conversion rates rise.

Test Your Messages

Young lady thumbsup after testing email message concept image. Testing the email marketing platform and email marketing tool is necessary to ensure positive results.An email marketing service provider like Lead to Conversion™ won’t just help you craft messages for your campaign; we’ll also conduct testing to ensure your messages achieve the best possible results.

Just as we test website content and PPC ads to determine the best versions, Lead to Conversion™ can conduct A/B testing on your email marketing campaign to determine what version will yield the best results. We’ll evaluate subject lines to see which options get the most opens and assess messaging to see what content encourages subscribers to take that next step and convert. Additionally, we’ll consider factors like images, headlines, calls to action, and even font size and style. The goal is to complete more sales, and convert more email subscribers into paying customers and clients for your business.

The Benefits of an Email Marketing Partner

These days, competition is fierce among email marketers. In fact, a 2017 study revealed that 269 billion emails are sent each day worldwide. If you want to ensure your content reaches the right audience in the right form, paying attention to your email marketing is essential.

The fact is that email marketing offers one significant advantage over PPC and other paid advertising methods: It’s free. Because you don’t have to pay to send an email, you can invest your hard-earned dollars into the things that matter to you, like developing new products and services for your customers. And since it’s easy to share emails, sending them to friends and colleagues with the click of a button, you might even be able to access some additional clients you didn’t count on reaching.

Launch Your Targeted Email Marketing Campaign Today

At Lead to Conversion™, we have proven digital marketing expertise and success in designing effective email marketing solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. You want prospects and sales, not deletes and spam, and that’s what we’ll help you to achieve.

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