Google has an incredible free platform to help local businesses get discovered online called Google Business Profile. Your GMB business listing defines how your company appears on Google’s SERP when web users type in searches with local intent. Whether you’re an online or brick-and-mortar organization, if your company relies on local business, a Google Business Profile optimization service can be a game changer. GMB listings appear in the top right corner of Google’s results page or as part of the local pack under Google Maps, providing easy access to your contact details, Google reviews and website.

An optimized Google Business Profile listing drastically increases your chance of being discovered during a Google search by potential customers. At Lead to Conversion™, we’ve been optimizing Google Business Profile listings since the platform launched. Our digital marketing company understands exactly how to refine your GMB profile to satisfy Google’s algorithm and capture the attention of search engine users.

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Show Up in the Local Pack Search Results

One of the primary aims of our Google Business Profile optimization service is to make sure your company shows up in the local pack. This is the list of three GMB listings that appears underneath a link to Google Maps when someone types in a search with local intent. For example, a web user might type, “assisted living facility near me” or “therapist near Manhattan” to bring up a search with the local pack at the top.

One of the simplest benefits of an optimized GMB page is letting Google know your business location. This lets the search engine link your business profile to your location and put it in front of searchers in your area who need your service most. However, it’s not as simple as adding a few basic details and hoping for the best.

There’s a good chance you’ve got local competitors you need to rank higher than. For your listing to make it to the top, Google needs useful, accurate information and reason to believe your business can add value to search engine users. We run through a detailed checklist with a focus on weekly GMB posts, optimized photos, review strategy, reputation management and more to improve your business ranking and ultimately generate more leads.

Capture Search Intent

Another major benefit of our GMB optimization service is capturing search intent directly. While social media is a great tool for marketing, it doesn’t necessarily reach web users at the most critical time. The beauty of an optimized GMB account is that it helps customers find you at the time they’re looking to use or book your service. The more accurate your GMB listing, and the more actionable information it contains, the higher up Google will rank your website.

A GMB listing provides an extraordinary level of detail to customers and Google, including information about the type of business, labels and other essential business information. What’s more, posting on a weekly basis fills out your page with keywords, further increasing the chances of getting discovered online. Writing optimized posts requires copywriting expertise and a significant chunk of time, but you and your team are better off spending that time doing what you do best.

Protect Your Reputation

Spam and fake reviews are an unfortunate reality of conducting business online. While you can’t avoid them, investing in a Google Business Profile optimization service can help you retain a positive online reputation. Google reviews play a role in how high up your business listing appears on the SERPs. Our GMB profile optimization service includes responding to reviews, and we manage fake reviews and spam on your behalf.

Responding to reviews can be time-consuming and requires specific skills that our team has finely honed. And because we spend all day every day doing this, we understand what Google wants to see to get your website listed in the elusive local pack.

The LTC Process: A Constant Cycle of Improvement

One of the reasons our Google Business Profile optimization service garners the best results is that we make a long-term commitment to delivering results. A one-and-done approach to your GMB listing is worth doing, but it won’t generate results for the long term. The Google algorithm is constantly updated as consumers’ demands and expectations evolve. And put simply, if you don’t continually update your GMB posts and page, how will Google know you’re actively in business serving customers?

Below is a guide to the LTC approach to GMB optimization.


Our business optimization service includes an extensive review of your brand, target market, website and business goals. This means we can create an optimized listing that homes in on the people most likely to visit your business’s website and make a booking or purchase.

We’ll never use a templated approach when it comes to GMB posts, profiles and review management. Consumers are savvier than ever and want to be treated as individuals. We have the time to respond to reviewers, showing gratitude for positive comments, offering resolutions to customers who haven’t experienced the true value of your brand and removing fake reviews and spam. Taking the time to assimilate your brand identity and personality is essential for doing this properly.


Once we’ve conducted an audit of your brand and business mission, we’ll hunker down and develop a unique strategy to optimize your business listing. Every company is a little different, and your GMB listing should reflect the smallest nuances in communication and style. This helps differentiate it from competitors in addition to gracefully introducing your company’s selling points to potential customers.

If you have a separate digital marketing strategy, we’ll use our extensive knowledge of the landscape to integrate strategies for optimal results.


Before we implement any changes, we consult your team and go through a review process to ensure you’re happy with the information we display to the world. Another excellent benefit of an optimized Google listing is that it has the potential to generate results instantly. We’ll consult you to make sure we’re displaying the most useful information and writing posts that resonate to help your target audience discover your business and become loyal, long-term customers.


Once we’ve gotten a clear understanding of your brand, developed a strategy and conducted a final consultation with you, we’ll get to work optimizing your business information. This is an extensive process that starts with claiming your Google business listing if you haven’t yet and completing every section of your profile.

Contact information, business categories, labels and attributes are the easy part. Once we’ve completed these essential elements, we’ll get to work on the ongoing maintenance required to keep your company at the top of the local pack. This might include:

  • Writing an optimized “from the business” description (and updating it regularly)
  • Publishing geotargeted weekly Google posts
  • Publishing geotargeted images weekly
  • Answering questions
  • Responding to reviews
  • Ongoing maintenance


One of the reasons Google is so successful and useful is its love of data. Extensive analytics are associated with your GMB profile, all of them actionable. We can use our database to compare how well your listing is performing compared to the rest of your industry and draw from our years of experience to make strategic changes where necessary.

While you and your team are likely capable of performing the minimum required to keep up a GMB business profile, the time required to make the most of it means outsourcing is the most practical and cost-effective solution. What’s more, we have data and experience to make strategic decisions quickly and accurately.


Your account manager will never let your GMB profile slip or forget to post or respond to reviews. You’ll have a team of SEO experts dedicated to the management of your listing and fully invested in learning the latest advancements and requirements as Google updates its algorithm. As such, we offer optimization services that continually deliver results and get refined every week to ensure your profile delivers maximum benefits to your organization.

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Affordable GMB Optimization Services

While it’s undeniable that some tasks are better off being conducted in-house, many digital marketing services are better off outsourced. Best practices are changing constantly, and it would take up a disproportionate amount of company resources to remain up to date with every Google algorithm change and GMB update.

Plus, replying to reviews and writing posts consistently every week isn’t as easy as it sounds — it takes time and extensive knowledge of customer service and copywriting. For less than the annual cost of a single marketing expert, you can invest in the expertise of an entire team of experts.

Personalized GMB Listing Optimization

It’s important that you don’t give responsibility for your precious GMB profile over to just anyone. Many companies take a standardized approach to optimization without taking the time to get to know your brand inside out. This is unlikely to target the right customers and won’t help you get the most out of your listing.

At Lead to Conversion™, we take the time to get to know your brand so its individual identity shines through in everything we write and every photo we post. This means it’ll appeal to the people most likely to use your services and become long-term, loyal clients.


  • Always Proactive.
  • Always Optimizing.

  • Always Focused on Your Long-Term Success.

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