With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, many healthcare providers have been hurrying up to get prepared to offer telehealth services. The demand for telemedicine and telehealth services is growing fast, yet your practice isn’t seeing a corresponding increase in revenue. You’re working harder than ever, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference when it comes to bringing in new and potential patients. If traditional marketing tactics aren’t helping you grow your practice, now is the time for a change. Without a strategic marketing plan that incorporates social media, online advertising, and other digital marketing tactics, growing your practice will always be a struggle.

Lead to Conversion™ understands the challenges of telemedicine marketing and knows how to use today’s technology to help you connect with prospective patients. To learn how to build a thriving telemedicine service and practice, download Telehealth Marketing Mastery in 30 Days, a 10-step action plan for running a profitable business.

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As a telemedicine doctor or practice administrator, you’re in a great position to bring on new patients to provide virtual care, especially in today’s environment. Unfortunately, most practitioners don’t know how to promote their telemedicine services to a growing and eager audience of potential patients seeking primary care help, especially in rural areas where healthcare access may be limited. That’s where a telemedicine marketing agency like Lead to Conversion™ can help.

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Successful, fine-tuned processes

Our team has had the honor of working with respected and well-known health systems like Cleveland Clinic and Mercy as well as many multi-physician medical practices and private practice physicians covering nearly every healthcare discipline. This not only gives us unparalleled knowledge across the spectrum of health, but has allowed us to create successful, fine-tuned processes we can use to help grow your practice. Here’s more…



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Website Design

Telemedicine websites need to be concise, easy to navigate and supply your site visitors with quality content and clearly defined conversion goals on every webpage.

Conversion points such as a prominently a placed phone number, video conferencing consultation request form, standard short-form placement, a quick reference to a mobile app, are among the many conversion funnels you should out for your site visitors. This type of conversion-oriented website is custom designed by Lead To Conversion to direct prospective new patients into the conversion funnel based on proven design layouts and marketing methodologies.

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Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Social Media Marketing is a must-have digital marketing tactic for telemedicine practices. We can say this with great confidence because we’ve seen the direct impact social has on a practice’s brand image and reputation. However, social does require ongoing, consistent effort through regular content contribution on social profiles along with regular post “boosting” and Social Media advertising.

Social Media Marketing is a fantastic way to promote your telemedicine/telehealth program to an audience that frankly may not even be aware of this alternative option to traditional doctor appointments. It’s in social channels where your target market is constantly congregating and sharing information regularly.

It’s not enough to simply create social profiles and post periodic updates to gain fans, likes, shares, etc. The key to your success is to first establish an organic and social advertising strategy based on your target audience (demographics, geographic considerations, etc.) and then execute this strategy each and every month specifically for each social channel.

There are many Social Media channels out there, but the ones we’ve seen consistently produce new patient inquiries for healthcare organizations are Facebook and Instagram. Other platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest are okay to have a presence, but they don’t produce many inquiries due to the nature of their user base.

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Unlike PPC that provides instant gratification in terms of getting targeted traffic to your site, SEO or search engine optimization requires attention to detail and sustained effort to shore up results for your practice.

Here’s what organic SEO placement looks like in search results:

SEO requires both ongoing technical skills and patience since it can take a few months (or more) to start seeing your listings populate page one of search results. If PPC is a sprint, it’s best to think of SEO as a marathon….and a marathon that is well worth the time since top 3 search rankings can bring many new potential patients to your site over the long haul.

If you’re just starting up a website and digital marketing strategy for promoting your telehealth practice online, we strongly suggest getting an SEO campaign up and running ASAP while you use other marketing venues such as PPC to drive traffic and to attract new patients. If you delay SEO for your business, you’re only going to further delay the ability to gain long term results from organic search. In other words, get an SEO plan put together and start right away so you can avoid the waiting period for results to take hold.

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Local SEO

Since telehealth services are not isolated to a particular geographic area, geotargeting your website’s content doesn’t have to be a requirement per se, but it would be a mistake if you didn’t claim, at a minimum, your local Google Business Profile profile.

Every day, there are millions of healthcare-related searches taking place at Google and other major search engines by people searching specifically for “telemedicine services” and “telehealth services”.

Lead to Conversion™ will help verify your listing on Google, optimize the profile based on your areas of practice, and build citations for your business to show up higher in local search results as shown in the above example.

Google Business Profile profiles are also a great review source for prospective patients to see reviews and testimonials about healthcare providers they’re considering.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC allows you to promote your practice by placing your website at or near the top of search engine result pages. You pay for target audience visits on a “per click” basis. Search engines such as Google and Bing offer great PPC options including standard “Ad” listings as well as geotargeting, retargeting and display options.

If you’re looking to expedite traffic and leads to your website, PPC is a great option and one we’ve seen work incredibly well for our healthcare clients. However, our experience shows telehealth and telemedicine phrases can be quite expensive per click ranging from $13/click for a term like “telehealth” to $17/click for the term “telemedicine”. Some less often used telehealth search phrases can be more reasonable in terms of cost coming in as low as $1.40/click.

At Lead to Conversion™, we understand the importance of custom designing a PPC program built specifically for your target audience, goals, and monthly budget threshold. Once up and running, we consistently monitor, adjust and fine-tune the performance of your PPC campaigns by modifying bid adjustments, changing ad copy to better qualify click-through behavior, removing ineffective keyword phrases and matching options based on data insights. The ultimate goal of our PPC programs is to maximize your exposure for keyword phrases that deliver potential patients and at the same time, work to decrease your cost per click and overall cost per lead.

Let us help your practice grow!

Lead to Conversion™ can help your telemedicine practice set up brand new profiles or rework existing ones. Our social media healthcare marketing initiatives include a well-structured marketing plan including ongoing ideation and creation of fresh content and advertising for daily, weekly, and monthly updates to keep your brand ahead of the competition on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (if desired).

Whether you’re operating a large healthcare system or have a private practice that provides bespoke healthcare services to patients, let our team of healthcare marketing experts help advertise your services online with a customized telehealth solution. Regardless of the marketing budget, we can customize marketing campaigns to fit your needs and monthly budget.

Give us a call for a free consultation and digital marketing assessment today.

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