Technology has made it easier than ever to connect with audiences. Over 70% of marketers are developing content marketing strategies; those that don’t risk falling behind.

There’s no business that won’t benefit from online marketing, including painting. Successful painting contractor marketing involves crafting a compelling, unique digital presence that can easily connect with your target audience. Of course, this is easier said than done — fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Lead to Conversion is a search marketing agency that elevates your advertisements, website and social media platforms to increase your client base, revenue and brand recognition. Here are some of the services we offer.


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Why Is Painting Contractor Marketing Important For Increasing Leads?

While word of mouth will always hold some importance, it’s almost entirely moved online. Whether you do home services, commercial electrical work, installations, maintenance or all of the above, most new customers are going to find you through a Google Search or social media. Not only that, but they also have access to tons of review sites and blogs to help them make decisions about the best company for their needs.

Having a marketing strategy takes into account the basics that you probably already have in place, such as using print or broadcast media for ads, displaying testimonials, getting referrals from fellow business owners and having a mailing list of current customers. However, in the digital age, you need to do so much more to stand out above the competition.

From brand strategy to search engine optimization (SEO) and your social media presence, you must leave no avenue for potential growth unexplored. Read on to find out about some of the most important aspects of digital marketing for painting contractors that Lead to Conversion can assist you with.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, is key to successful digital marketing. The purpose of SEO is to establish your website’s relevancy and credibility, boosting it to the top of search engines and making it one of the first sites potential customers see. Successful SEO involves enhancing the quality of website content, incorporating keywords that relate to the target demographic and sorting out technical bugs to ensure a smooth user experience.

Our team of SEO experts can perform a variety of functions designed to increase your online presence, such as:

  • Evaluating your website
  • Comparing your site to competitors
  • Finding keywords
  • Building backlinks

With a thorough evaluation of your website, we can fix broken links, increase page speed, get rid of duplicate content and fix any technical errors that may be negatively affecting users’ experiences with your site. We’ll also boost your visibility by conducting extensive keyword research and forging connections with relevant domains to get backlinks to your site. Your marketing plan won’t be static; we analyze metrics, including engagement and conversion rates, to figure out what is and isn’t working, enabling us to adapt strategies in real time.

The painting industry is worth over $25 billion USD. With all those competitors on the market, it’s important for your painting business to stand out, and a unique digital marketing strategy will help achieve that.

Local SEO

A big part of painting contractor marketing is attracting an audience in a specific region. For in-person painting projects, you need your website to be seen by residents in a location close to yours. That’s where local SEO comes in.

Local SEO helps boost your online profile in your region through a number of techniques, such as:

  • Consistent information
  • Business directories
  • Online reviews and referrals
  • Local content

Having consistent, accurate information displayed on all your platforms tells search engines that you are who you say you are, which is essential to get promoted. Of course, getting Google to trust you isn’t enough — you want customers to trust you as well. The validation of business directories (such as Yelp and Angie’s List) and online reviews lets people know your site is reputable. We optimize your site by incorporating locally based content, getting your name on those directories and soliciting reviews. We encourage honesty, which means accepting negative reviews, but will communicate with clients to sort out any issues. Ideally, they’ll leave as happy customers.

Another way to connect with customers is through Google My Business. This platform confirms the legitimacy of your business while simultaneously letting you post updates and assess your interactions with customers. We’ll help you create a Google My Business profile and increase your local presence, with the end goal being to increase your local painting jobs.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

About 50% of website traffic comes from organic searches — so where’s the rest coming from? A huge part of online marketing is pay-per-click advertising (PPC) or Google Ads. Typically, when crafting marketing ideas, most business owners decide on a combination of SEO (completely organic searches) and PPC (paid advertisements). While it may cost money, there are several advantages of using PPC:

  • Offers quick results
  • Attracts your target demographic
  • Tells you if your products are selling

Google Ads can be specifically targeted toward certain people, such as people who visited your website but didn’t purchase anything. Moreover, a proper PPC campaign will keep track of which strategies are working, allowing you to adjust your techniques as you go. By maintaining popular marketing strategies and enhancing tactics that aren’t getting the desired results, you can optimize your revenue and quickly earn back your investment.

Successful PPC requires a knowledgeable, hard-working PPC campaign. Our team will ensure your advertisements are high-quality by monitoring the success of keywords, ad content and location, all while operating under your desired budget. We’ll determine which ads work well on your homepage, which headlines do well and the best way to phrase your content. Every one of our PPC Campaign Managers is Google Ads Certified, demonstrating their expertise, experience and dedication in the field.

Content Marketing

Although content marketing is a long-term strategy that bears more fruit the longer you do it, it’s actually one of the best ways to signal to search engines that your website is relevant. Writing blog posts and sharing them on social media is a great way to generate organic website traffic, but it’s also highly effective at boosting your ranking on the SERPs. As you build a catalog of relevant content, keyword strings and topic clusters naturally populate your website.

Furthermore, if your company name appears when web users search for tips and how-to guides about DIY electrical work or problems with equipment, you secure your position as an authority within your vertical. Everyone loves getting something for free, and blog posts, e-books and articles are the perfect way to hook customers and establish yourself as their go-to source when it comes to anything electrical.

Social Media Marketing

When you think of marketing for painting, platforms like Facebook and Instagram probably don’t come to mind. In the past, a painting company might not have much to do on one of these sites. Now, almost every business that uses digital marketing knows the importance of social media. With 3.5 billion users, social media marketing is a great way to reach new audiences and increase painting jobs.

There’s no universal approach when it comes to curating your social media presence. The key is to design a unique profile and post compelling content that connects to your target demographic. This could be informative, humorous, a blend of the two — whatever type of personality you want to give your business, we can help deliver it.

We focus on achieving certain goals when it comes to social media:

  • Building a following
  • Elevating your reputation
  • Increasing website traffic

We also keep track of your social media success through data-backed recommendations and analytics. Our extensive reporting allows us to determine what type of content people engage with and which platforms (such as Twitter and Facebook) are better for your business.

Having millions of followers is virtually useless if those followers aren’t visiting your site. Our goal is to attract people through your profile, then convince them to visit your website, learn more about your services and, ideally, decide to contact you.

Social Media Advertising

Creating fun, engaging content is a great way to get potential customers to interact with your posts and visit your website, but it isn’t the only way to use social media. Just as you can combine organic SEO and paid PPC to optimize your painting contractor marketing strategy, you can merge organic, natural content with purposeful, targeted content to get the most out of your social media profiles.

Many businesses pay social media platforms to have their posts boosted on the site. For example, Instagram can help widen your outreach by increasing the popularity of a post that displays and explains your services. Another method is targeted Facebook Ads, designed to connect with a specific audience and boost your engagement on that platform.

Social media is an excellent way to increase your brand recognition — in fact, over 50% of brand discoveries occur on social media. However, doing that organically can be difficult, especially when there are so many users to compete with. Paid advertisements are a great way to get a leg up and guarantee your desired audience is seeing your profile. Even if an advertisement doesn’t lead to a new customer, at the very least they may engage with your profile. Think of your content as gold in a treasure chest — the advertisements are the key, drawing in potential customers and getting them interested in what you have to offer.

Email Marketing

Social media is a great tool, but not everybody is active on it. If there’s one communication tool that almost everyone uses, it’s email. Email marketing is a great way to share information about your painting company and get new customers. However, it presents its own unique challenges, the biggest one being junk mail. Many emails go straight to the spam folder — those that make it into the primary inbox can easily get sent to the dreaded spam folder if the content isn’t compelling enough.

Not only will our team help you overcome that pesky junk mail barrier, but we’ll also carefully curate your emails to help increase your conversion rate. Our email marketing services include:

  • Choosing the right content
  • Targeting your desired consumers
  • Testing your messages

We don’t want to spam your audience with constant advertisements and overly promotional product offers. Instead, we aim to create engaging content that connects to users on a personal level while still providing information on your services. We achieve this by including photos, customer testimonials and case studies.

We also test our messages to help determine which emails get the most attention. Not only do we test the general content and subject lines, but we evaluate the little details, such as font size and style. When it comes to getting more sales, we’re willing to go the extra mile.

Website Design

When it comes to marketing for painters, you need more than just a high-quality product; you need to be able to deliver a good customer experience, and that starts with your website design. Your customers should be able to learn everything they need to know about your business — from painting services to pricing — with just a few clicks. Nobody wants to bother with a website that’s difficult to read, frustrating to navigate and slow to load.

Our team will evaluate and rework your website, ensuring it delivers a positive customer experience through efficiency and responsiveness. We achieve this by working on both your internal content and your technology, helping with functions such as:

  • Hamburger and drop-down menus
  • Enticing images and graphic design
  • User-friendly layout
  • Compatibility across multiple devices

Over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile phones, so it’s essential for your website to be compatible on both computers and mobile devices. Business owners who focus solely on how their website is laid out on a computer might fail to realize that their site doesn’t load properly on a phone. Even if it does load, the layout may be skewed or the graphics may not show. We understand the mobile market and will make sure your website works, guaranteeing that you’re reaching out to as many people as possible.

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