With over 1 billion users, there’s no doubt Instagram is one of the most frequented social media channels. It’s not just popular with individuals — more and more brands are joining Instagram through business accounts. As an application that’s dominated largely by photographs, Instagram gives companies the perfect opportunity to connect with new customers by sharing their unique stories.

On the downside, figuring out how to succeed with Instagram’s algorithm and actually get your content promoted can be challenging. Since the platform has so many users, it’s important to make sure your images are seen by the right people. Fortunately, you don’t have to do the job alone. At Lead to Conversion™, we offer a team of experts with years of experience in social media management. Our digital marketing agency can help brands create content, reach potential consumers and increase sales through Instagram advertisements.

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When leveraged correctly, social media marketing can be a great way to grow your business and widen your consumer base. At Lead to Conversion™, we help brands expand and thrive by connecting them with their key demographic. Our targeted advertisements navigate Instagram’s large network and reach the people you want to connect with.

Share Your Story

People prefer brands that they can connect with on a personal level. If you can successfully convey the story behind your business, you have the potential to attract even more customers. With the help of our experts, you’ll craft compelling content that portrays your brand in a positive light and showcases your personality.

Get More Sales

As we help brands create and promote unique Instagram content, we always keep sales in mind. Our advertisements are designed to entice people to click on links, visit your website and learn more about your products and services. We don’t just want to reach new customers — we want to keep them returning.

Find Success With Social Media Advertising


The first step Instagram marketing agencies need to take is learning as much about your brand as possible. Every business has its own unique tale to tell, and your digital marketing company should know about it. Otherwise, you’ll end up with cookie-cutter content that could be applied to nearly any other brand in your industry.

At Lead to Conversion™, we specialize in personalized social media campaigns that convey the message you want audiences to receive. After studying your brand, understanding your goals and discovering what sets you apart from other businesses, we’ll take the time to learn more about your target audience. This includes their demographics, the type of content they like and the keywords they tend to search on Instagram. This information will set the foundation for your advertisements, which can be used to increase brand awareness and turn casual Instagram users into repeat customers.


In 2020, Americans spent over 1,300 hours on social media, with Instagram being the second most popular platform. While people may be spending a significant amount of time scrolling on Instagram, there’s no guarantee your content will actually wind up on their page. That’s why it’s important to have a solid Instagram marketing strategy in place. When working with Lead to Conversion™, you can expect assistance with the following:

  • Content/images
  • Instagram stories
  • Captions/tags
  • Hashtags/keyword usage

When it comes to creating purposeful, results-driven content, our experts leave no stone unturned. Every small change we make — from adjusting a caption to adding a certain hashtag — is designed to increase engagement and encourage users to visit your page. The ultimate goal of our marketing strategies is to intrigue users, persuading them to make that valuable transition from your Instagram account to your website.


It’s one thing to create a comprehensive social media strategy — it’s another to implement that strategy in a way that gets results. What makes our Instagram marketing agency stand out is our dedication to achieving engagement while meeting the unique expectations of every brand. As we manage a client’s social media accounts, we consider the following factors:

  • Your goals
  • Your target demographic
  • Your budget

Your business objectives will shape the way we implement your strategy. Are you trying to reach as many people as possible? We’ll make sure to launch your campaign during peak Instagram times (such as the early afternoon). Do you want to share information about a product? We’ll distribute advertisements to users with a history of viewing educational content. During the campaign, you can expect us to keep your budgetary requirements in mind — our Instagram marketing services are customized to meet your needs.


What differentiates Lead to Conversion™ from other Instagram marketing companies is our commitment to creating customized approaches designed solely for your brand. Every single part of our Instagram ad strategy, from campaign names and ad placements to scheduling and formatting, aims to provide maximum impact and traffic. In addition to optimizing your social media platforms and off-page search engine optimization (SEO), we assist with the following:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO

For a successful marketing strategy, your off-page, on-page and technical SEO all need to work together to highlight your brand. For example, say you share a post that includes a link to your website. If the link is broken or if your site doesn’t load properly, the advertisement is ineffective and your customers lose faith in your business. Our experts strive to improve the user experience by enhancing every element of your online presence.


If there’s one thing our Instagram advertising agency is sure of, it’s that there’s always room for improvement. Your marketing strategy isn’t static — rather, it should be constantly evolving and adapting to changing environments. As we progress with social media campaigns, we keep careful track of both your strong and weak areas by monitoring the following metrics:

  • Engagement (likes, shares, comments)
  • Follower count
  • Click-through rates
  • Bounces

Ideally, your Instagram engagement and click-through rates should improve over time. However, if you aren’t gaining more followers and engagement, or if the process is taking longer than you expected, it might be time to adjust. With our reporting, we can pinpoint which areas you need to work on and quickly create a better optimized strategy. Listening to feedback and incorporating it into your marketing is key to fostering brand awareness and converting followers into active repeat customers.


The things customers expect from businesses are constantly changing. At the beginning of your campaign, your consumer base might want to learn more about your products — thus, you might start by sharing informative content. However, as time progresses, your customers may suddenly decide they know enough about your services and start to expect different content. If you want to keep growing your accounts and getting website traffic, it’s important to refine your campaign to meet new needs.

By evaluating your metrics, our team can help you refine your Instagram accounts and make them as effective as possible. For instance, if your engagement is low but users seem to enjoy your content, we might try adjusting your scheduling or posting more frequently. Ultimately, digital marketing is an ongoing job that requires hard work and open-mindedness. While it can be difficult to navigate, our team is here to help.

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At Lead to Conversion™, we understand that every business owner has their own unique budget. Our custom SEO and advertisement packages are designed to cater to your needs — we’re confident in our ability to produce an effective strategy while remaining under budget. You can learn more by requesting a custom quote from our experts.

Stand Out With Custom Instagram Campaigns

In 2017, there were over 25 million active business accounts on Instagram. This number has only grown since then, with more and more brands recognizing the value social media can bring to their company. If you want to stand out against the competition and convince users to visit your page, you’re going to need a high-quality marketing strategy.

Since 2006, our team at Lead to Conversion™ has helped brands attract new customers and obtain sales by creating optimized advertisements, sharing unique content and improving both on- and off-page SEO. We pride ourselves on our determination, commitment to quality and open communication. Whether you have a question about your advertisements or a budgetary concern, you can always trust us to give you a comprehensive, honest answer. We’ll also keep you updated at every step of your strategy. At the end of the day, our goal is the same as yours: to help you find success through effective marketing.


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Social media has revolutionized the advertising landscape. If you want to get new customers and increase sales, Instagram is the perfect place to start. Our digital marketing agency, based in Cuyahoga Falls, will help you create high-quality Instagram ads that boost traffic and awareness. Call us at 855-473-6582 or fill out our brief form for a free consultation.