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  • Improve Google Rank In Search Results
  • Turn Quality Leads Into Sales
  • Gain A Competitive Advantage
  • See Long Term Residual Value
  • Boost Local Search Rankings

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We’re A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency Serving the Hospitality Industry

Digital Marketing

Regardless of your business’s size, industry, stage or specific goals, our highly-specialized Paid Search, Organic Search, and Social Media marketing services will be an excellent choice to deliver wonderful results.

Website Design & Maintenance

Our digital marketing agency provides Web Design, Graphic Design, and WordPress maintenance services focused on making sure your brand stays current and will always produce results, with both the search engines and your website visitors.

Branding and Identity

Our Brand strategy, Brand Management, and Brand Identity services will give you a plan to realize your business goals. It’s the first step in a comprehensive, integrated approach to optimizing your online marketing efforts.

Client Case Study

This client came to LTC because their website had lost approximately 50% of its organic Google traffic. We identified the cause of the traffic loss and created an SEO campaign tailored to their exact needs.


After implementing LTC’s digital marketing plan, this client saw the following results:

  • Google Organic traffic increased 66%
  • New users increased 73%
  • Conversions increased 45%

Some of the Happy Clients We’ve Gotten Results For:

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We Work With:

  • Hotels
  • Convention Centers
  • Tour Operators
  • Resorts
  • Inns
  • Travel Centers

We Solve All Problems You Might Be Experiencing

A Brand New Website That Doesn’t Rank Well

You’ve just invested in a brand new website for your business but it isn’t ranking well in search engines and you aren’t getting any traffic to your beautiful new website. We’ll put a plan in place to ensure your content is optimized and your site gains authority for better rankings and more traffic.

An Existing Website With a Decrease In Traffic

You’ve started to see a decline in the traffic to your website over time. Your competitors may be optimizing to outrank you or a recent Google algorithm change has hurt your site. We’ll analyze your site and create a strategy for getting you back to the top where you belong.

A Website That Is Under Performing in Leads and Sales

You’ve done the right thing by building a website for your business but it’s not generating the leads and sales you would like. You might not be attracting the right traffic to your site. We’ll uncover keywords that show buyer intent for your products or services so you rank appropriately and get quality traffic.

Local Business Website That Isn’t Optimized for Local Search

You run a local business and want to utilize your website to get more people in the door. So far you aren’t seeing the results that you had expected. We will develop a specific local SEO strategy to rank your website in local search results and Google Maps listings so you can reach customers in your area.

A Website That Has Faced a Google Penalty

Your website traffic may have suddenly taken a drastic drop and you don’t know why. This could be the result of a Google penalty that you didn’t even know about. We will examine your website and your backlink portfolio to identify spam links and practices that Google doesn’t approve of.

A Website With a History of Multiple Problems

You have a website that may have multiple problems that you are already aware of. You might know that you are lacking quality content on your website, have low traffic numbers, and lack quality backlinks. For websites like this we develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan to grow your business online.

Client Testimonials

“We have worked with LTC for 5 years. LTC has been very responsive and effective for us. They have done an incredible job of helping us optimize our site so that people who are searching can find the information they need. With LTC’s help, our traffic has increased dramatically from 3,000 to well over 300,000 monthly visitors and we anticipate over 3 million visitors to our site this year. Our Google traffic has increased 4,440%! We couldn’t be more pleased with the job LTC has done to optimize our site.”

Ruth S.

“LTC has been a valued partner for our agency since our first large-scale SEO project nearly six years ago. During the time we’ve worked together, we’ve seen as much as a sevenfold increase in monthly algorithmic search referrals for our clients – covering a far larger set of keywords than we had ever expected. In addition to their seasoned expertise and track-record for great results, their flexibility in adapting to client-specific needs and processes really sets them apart. We’d be hard-pressed to name another business partner who so effectively balances specialized knowledge and experience with the type of personal touch which can really help get the most out of a project.”

Mike G.


Rogan HolmesBeachway Therapy Center

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