Pinterest posts showcase your offerings to potential customers who are ready to buy, help diversify your advertising efforts and improve search engine optimization


While you may think you have your social media bases covered with Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest offers more of an advantage for businesses than you might think. This platform effectively works as a corkboard for potential customers and businesses alike to pin and share content, which makes Pinterest marketing an e-commerce-focused advertising solution. Many members use Pinterest as a go-to spot when researching products or just watching out for new trends, helping you promote old and new offerings alike in an unobtrusive way since buyers are already looking for the things you’re selling.

It’s true that Pinterest ads don’t have the market share of some of their social media counterparts, but what they do have is access to a varied, enthusiastic audience. Covering most every demographic, the platform’s user base itself makes our Pinterest ad agency an excellent way to diversify your social media advertising spending while maximizing your returns and boosting search engine optimization.

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Make Your Products and Services Simple to Find

A Pinterest advertising campaign provides numerous ways to get your products or services in front of potential customers. This social media marketing option lets you post photos, GIFs and videos that link back to landing or product pages, helping you convert browsers into buyers with the right combination of content.

Create Engagement Opportunities with Customers

When you create and share high-quality photos and articles in your Pinterest advertising, it drives sales and conversions while keeping your finger on the pulse of what customers want. Popular pins often get re-pinned — or shared with other users — expanding your reach far beyond the original users who viewed your content.

Cement Brand Awareness While Boosting SEO

Pinterest ads help your business create and maintain brand awareness by showing potential customers what you have to offer rather than telling. Unlike many other social media marketing options, Pinterest has staying power and always links back to your original content, which boosts search engine ranking and makes your wares more discoverable.

Diversify Your Social Media Marketing

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Scoping Out Your Competition’s Pinterest Ads

When creating a social media marketing strategy that works for your business, our Pinterest ad agency first takes a deep look at your brand. LTC wants to understand not only what you hope to achieve right now with your social media marketing efforts but also where you’re going in terms of company mission and brand awareness.

Once we understand the results you’re seeking, we scope out your competition on Pinterest to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Our Pinterest advertising agency uses this information to discover ways your brand can improve on what your competitors offer and fill in the gaps with a Pinterest campaign that’s fresh, engaging and worthy of sharing.

Next, we create a game plan that encompasses your business’s goals and moves your brand forward. Common ways the LTC Pinterest ad agency helps your company get results include:

  • Crafting unique content customers want
  • Boosting brand awareness to drive future sales
  • Cultivating leads from already interested users


Devise an Engaging Pinterest Campaign Plan

Now that Lead to Conversion™ understands what you want, you lay out a plan to give it to your business. Every company is different, so no two approaches to Pinterest marketing are the same. Our creators take the brand information we acquired during the discovery phase and use it to shape high-authority content that’s optimized for social media marketing via Pinterest ads. Then we publish it for you as part of a Pinterest campaign.

Since social media marketing on this platform typically includes heavy use of images, our Pinterest ad agency optimizes your images for size and quality, changes the names to reflect search engine terms you wish to rank under and adds meta information to make your photos more discoverable by potential customers. We also provide captions for your photos to further boost SEO, create articles for your Pinterest ads to link to and maximize shareability of your content to ensure it gets in front of a maximum amount of leads.


Maintain Pinterest Presence with Regular Posts

Social media marketing requires lots of time and attention, something that’s in short supply for many businesses, no matter their size. Lead to Conversion™ puts you ahead of the competition by doing the legwork for you on your Pinterest ad campaigns, helping you master the craft of social media advertising with minimal direct input. We create boards to boost your brand awareness, save pins that reflect your stated goals, follow complementary users to build a reciprocal sharing network and ensure all your pins link back to your website so users have a chance to convert.

Additionally, we have access to data that points to best practices for creating and maintaining a Pinterest presence. We understand how frequency and timing walks a fine line between converting leads to customers and turning potential buyers off entirely, and we know the ideal ways to present the information you want to share without oversharing or overwhelming.


Maximize Impact with Content Optimized for Pinterest

Convert more visitors into customers by using optimized content from our Pinterest advertising agency. While high-quality image content goes far in this social media marketing space, it doesn’t end there. Great photos require great alt text to make them easy to find by both Pinterest users and search engines, and we add them to your content along with a share button on your website that lets visitors know they can pin your photo on their own boards and share it with their friends.

We do all the keyword research for you so our efforts make the most impact, and we help you take advantage of trends with timely content ideal for seasonal and holiday posting. In addition to the Pinterest advertising campaigns, boards and pins themselves, we also help by optimizing your business name on the platform and take advantage of the rich pin feature available to businesses that lets customers purchase your products simply by clicking on pins.


Track User Interaction with Your Pinterest Ad Posts

Use Lead to Conversion™’s Pinterest ad agency to take the guesswork out of involved social media marketing campaigns. Business users have access to a whole host of analytics that help you keep track of how your Pinterest advertising and promoted pins are working, making it simple to repeat what works and improve on what doesn’t. While companies have access to this data, they often don’t know how to use it effectively, making a Pinterest advertising agency like LTC integral to your social media marketing campaign strategy.

We understand the difference between impressions and engagements, and we work to boost the latter by figuring out what content works best for your Pinterest marketing campaign. We track the number of pins your content gets and outbound traffic that visits your website from Pinterest ads and show you the followers you acquire from high-impact posts. Additionally, we help break this data down by demographics and affinity to see where we can better focus digital marketing efforts in the future.


Perfect Pinterest Ads to Boost Conversions

The changing dynamics of social media marketing make it imperative to stay on top of your game with your Pinterest advertising. Most business owners don’t have time to read through the latest white papers and best practices information, though, and that’s where our Pinterest marketing company comes in and helps out with proven strategies that ensure you continue to reach your target audience with high-quality content that converts.

Lead to Conversion™ constantly refines our approach to our Pinterest advertising services, switching up digital marketing efforts to take advantage of new trends within social media itself and new features added by the platform. While most of the content we create for your Pinterest ad campaign is evergreen due to the staying power of the platform, we take steps to ensure links remain active and core content remains fresh and pertinent to your social media marketing strategy.

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Make the Most of Your Advertising Dollars with Fresh Pinterest Content

Though Pinterest ad campaigns don’t have the reach of Twitter or Facebook advertising, social media marketing on this platform tends to drive a higher number of conversions than other services. This makes it vital for businesses that focus on visual ad campaigns to home in on Pinterest users when looking to generate leads and improve sales.

Professional Pinterest Ad Campaigns by Creators Who Understand the Platform

Maximize returns by using Pinterest ad campaigns to get the word out about your products or services to your target audience. Though smaller in size than the big boys of social media marketing, Pinterest campaigns tend to convert more due to a more involved user base and a platform designed to reduce the amount of steps between brand awareness and conversions. Additionally, the content on Pinterest lasts longer and goes further due to the way users curate boards and share pins when topics interest them.

Since Pinterest ads focus mainly on images, they also give businesses the opportunity to build solid inbound links, which in turn helps boost search engine ranking to further improve website traffic. Also, Pinterest integrates seamlessly with your website and links with your Twitter and Facebook to increase your social media presence and brand awareness. Lastly, looking over engagement analytics from Pinterest assists you in focusing on content that users want and creating more of it.


  • Always Proactive.
  • Always Optimizing.

  • Always Focused on Your Long-Term Success.

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Relative to its size and market share, Pinterest ads provide more bang for your advertising buck than campaigns on many other social media platforms. Bring your target audience to your website today and enjoy increased conversions by using our digital marketing agency to optimize and post your content on Pinterest today.

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