Advanced Online Pharmaceutical Training Certification Institution Site Speed Optimization Case Study

CLIENT: Advanced Online Pharmaceutical Training & Certification Institution

INDUSTRY: Medical Education

CAMPAIGN TYPE: WordPress Site Speed/Page Speed Optimization and Google Tag Manager Audit and Optimization


  • Increase page speed of website for users and SEO impact potential
  • Audit and restructure Google Tag Manager


  • Identify WordPress plugins, bloated coding variables, and other assets slowing down the speed of their website
  • Audit and restructure Google Tag Manager account to mitigate duplicate tagging and unnecessary tagging

Background & Execution

This client had only a couple of main goals in engaging with Lead to Conversion™ with the ultimate goal of increasing website page speed to enhance end-user experience and to amplify SEO potential, especially for mobile SEO. 

We started off the project by conducting a comprehensive audit of the website’s WordPress coding and Google Tag Manager account. During the audit, we discovered a multitude of unnecessary Plugins, oversized images, and duplicate coding that already existed as Google Tag Manager Containers, among several other items slowing down the website’s speed. 

Pagespeed report at the beginning of the campaign:


Upon discovery of all site speed issues, Lead to Conversion™ created a punch list of follow-up action items and worked with both the client’s marketing team and our own internal web development resources to knock out our prioritized list. 

The project overall stretched about 3-4 weeks total from campaign kickoff to completion and consisted of the following action items:

  • Extract the Rank Math link from the source code
  • Extract the LinkedIn Insight code snippet
  • Extract and migrate the tracking code snippet for Facebook into the new Google Tag Manager container
  • Extract the Google Analytics tracking snippet as it is already running through Google Tag Manager
  • Run Asset Cleanup to identify and prevent unnecessary files from being loaded on the domain
  • Resize and scale 5 images to reduce their size and improve load time
  • Optimization of images to reduce their file sizes as much as possible
  • Update the file format on a number of images from .png to .jpg which to reduce their file    size and improve page load while retaining the image quality
  • Add and configure new WordPress plugins (2 total)

Once the punch list was complete, the client saw massive improvements to their site speed, especially their homepage which was a primary focus for them:



At Lead to Conversion™, we understand that our clients want tangible results. This is why we are constantly tracking the results of any page speed optimization plan we implement. After implementing our strategy, this client not only realized tangible results in the form of increased page speed of key site pages, they also saw first hand how our new framework decreased bounce rates of site visitors while realizing a bump in keyword phrase placement and commensurance traffic increases from the search engines.

Here at Lead to Conversion™, we have over 100 years of collective digital marketing experience spanning across dozens of industries including extensive experience in the healthcare arena. Whether the goal is an increase in sales through applicable traffic, a stronger social presence, or a cutting-edge approach to Digital Marketing and website development in general, Lead to Conversion™ has the experience and knowledge to execute the right campaign for your business. For more information on how to see similar results for your company, call Lead to Conversion™ at 855.473.6582 and let us drive traffic to your website, while improving your bottom line.

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