Search Ads


PWHI builds decks in Maryland and Virginia.


Reduce the cost per acquisition to $64.22.


As a search campaign, this is more of a mid-low funnel campaign, which tends to be a higher cost per acquisition, especially for a fairly expensive project. Because decks can be an option for home improvement and are very visual, we opted to create a display campaign.


The display campaign proved to be a very good source of leads that could be worked on by the PWHI sales team. The primary call to action is form submission, so the quality of leads was not sacrificed. Together with the search ads, we were able to reduce the cost per acquisition by 55.24%, exceeding their goal by $11.76.


Depending on the product or service, display ads and other cross-channel campaigns, can be used to enhance a search campaign to attain a client’s goal. In this case, adding a higher funnel option allowed people to react to the finished product, rather than an abstract idea.

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