Client GrafTech
Category Web Design
Features Content Creation

Before Web Redesign

GrafTech came to us needing a site that represented their modern, high-tech products but that was also easy to update for the non-technically inclined, all while staying within a very specific budget. They also need three sites and hundreds of pages consolidated into informative, authoritative pages that a user could easily consume. We were able to update the look and feel of the site, consolidate their various sites and present the best UI/UX for the user to easily get the information they needed. We did all of this while also creating a site that increased their search presence and organic traffic. We furthered the usability for the businesses by building a login application that allows segmentation of the site so different departments can update their sections of the site easily and without additional expense of 3rd party vendors.

Responsive Web Design

We designed the Graftech site to respond based on the viewing device – from desktop to notebook to smart phone.

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