SiteCare & Help Desk Support

Essential care and protection for your WordPress website

Our SiteCare programs include all of the maintenance & security measures that every WordPress website requires on a real-time, daily, and monthly basis. These maintenance services are also offered separately for $65/month in a program called SiteCare Secure, but are included at no additional cost in SiteCare Support.

SiteCare Secure


Perfect for websites that require one or two content updates per month.

SiteCare Support


Perfect for websites that require content updates on a weekly basis.

SiteCare Enhance

From: $300/month

Perfect for websites that require at least 2 content updates per week.

Secure Features

Daily Backups If an update fails, or your site crashes, it's imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your WordPress site.

Real-Time Uptime Monitoring We receive instant notifications if your site goes down so problems can be fixed quickly.

Daily Database Optimization The larger your database, the slower your site. Optimization cleans out the junk, speeding up your site.

Daily Scans For Malware And Known Vulnerabilities We are vigilant, proactive and check daily for all types of malware.

Weekly Updates to WordPress Core, Theme, & Plugins Outdated theme, plugins and core files are how many hackers create havoc on WordPress sites.

Monthly Reporting Your monthly report shows you everything we've done to protect and care for your WordPress website. See Example

Support Features

Everything From SiteCare Secure

Access To Our Help Desk Your LTC support team is as close as an email or phone call.

2 Hours Of Support SiteCare Support includes 2 hours of help from our team.

Enhance Features

Everything From SiteCare Support

Digital Marketing Manager Get an expert person dedicated to not only managing your requests, but also to help you see the opportunities you might be missing. You'll have an advocate and a new BFF.

Additional Hours Of Support If you need more than 2 hours of monthly support, we will customize SiteCare Enhance to your needs.

Need help picking a plan? We’re here to help! Send us an email with your questions to [email protected].

WordPress Security Service

Protecting your website from hackers, fixing bugs and monitoring the overall health of your website is what we’re here for. Have you been receiving a lot of spam in the form of comments on your website? Several anti-spam plugins help to eliminate spam. Our team continually stays up-to-date on the latest WordPress security developments.

Site Backup

In the event your website ever crashes, having an updated backup will make life a lot easier and help you get your site up and running quickly. You can choose to have your site backed up weekly, or monthly. It’s a wise plan to backup your site to more than one location.

Installing Updates

Confused as to which updates to install? Let us help. WordPress regularly releases updates for its core features, plugins, and themes. We’ll ensure all updates are compatible with your existing plugins. We’ll also proactively monitor the functionality of your website and look for updates to fix any glitches.

Database Optimization

The database is easily bogged down with heavy traffic. Regular tidying up of the database ensures your website runs error-free.

Tracking Analytics

Are you curious about the success of an ad campaign, or simply want to know more details about visitors and traffic? Setting up analytics software provides valuable insight into your marketing efforts.

Uptime Monitoring

We’ll monitor your website and receive an alert if there is any downtime. Our team works quickly to get your site back up and running.


What type of on-demand web development does a SiteCare plan cover?
Essentially, anything related to the design and development of your WordPress website.

We can fulfill any request that requires less than the full amount of prepaid hours included in your SiteCare plan, or the amount of time remaining in the middle of that month. Example: If you have 2 hours of unused time, we can fulfill any request that requires 2 hours or less.

Requests that require more than that time will incur overage charges by the end of the month, so we ask for your approval in writing for the anticipated overages, or we can quote a separate enhancement project to fulfill that request.

What do the plans exclude?
Essentially, anything unrelated to the design and development of your WordPress website. This includes your hosting server, domain registration, email deliverability, hardware/software tech support, etc.

What if I need more hours than those included in my SiteCare plan?
There are a few options that can cover this need. Option 1) Any hours used beyond those included in your plan will be logged and billed at the end of the month at $100/hr. Option 2) If overages become a monthly occurrence, we recommend upgrading your plan to SiteCare Enhance with more hours included per month.

Can another website receive support under my SiteCare plan?
Yes and No. Each domain requires it’s own SiteCare Secure subscription. However, if one of those sites requires updates, any hours included in a SiteCare Support or SiteCare Enhance plan can be used on any domain within the same billing account.

If I do not use all of my support hours for a month, do they rollover to the following month?
No, but we take preventative measures to ensure that you’re able to use all of your hours each month, i.e. site consultation audits and client wishlists. If you’re a current SiteCare customer and in need of ideas for how best to use your on-demand development hours, please contact [email protected] to schedule a consultation.

How can I change the billing information for my monthly plan?
Whether your card expired or you want to switch to a new card, you can easily update your billing information by logging into your SiteCare account on

How soon can I use my SiteCare on-demand development hours?
Immediately. We can take care of your requests through our support as soon as you register for any SiteCare plan. You’ll find a “Support” tab on the Dashboard of your WordPress website after setup is complete.

Our SiteCare services begin with SiteCare Secure which includes the essential maintenance and security measures that every WordPress website requires on a real-time, daily, and monthly basis. These maintenance services are just $65/month.

If you would like SiteCare Secure for free and could use 2 hours/month of LTC Help Desk support to make content changes to your site, our SiteCare Support service is for you. All Help Desk support tasks are fulfilled within 72 hours or less.

Within those Help Desk Support hours, we’re able to edit or add copy and images, add new content, fix bugs, provide additional WordPress training, or schedule a general website consultation with our creative team. The goal is to assist you in incrementally updating your website over time at a lower cost and time burden than completely redesigning the website every 4-5 years.

With SiteCare Secure, you are still able to submit support requests through our Help Desk Support ticketing system, only those hours are automatically considered overage time and are billed at $100/hr at the end of each month. Likewise, if the hours in one month of a SiteCare Support program exceed the included 2 hours, overages are billed at $100/hr at the end of the month.

Neither SiteCare Secure nor SiteCare Support includes any fulfillment of SEO, PPC, conversion optimization, or social media marketing. If you are interested in any of those digital marketing services, we’re happy to customize a separate digital marketing campaign to fit your goals.

Kevin Dockman

Kevin Dockman

Vice President of Creative

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